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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Communication Agents Are Here

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Hello there,

yes I am alive and well, though I have been working as hard as ever to propel into space my newest communication project. In the next 48 hours I will be making my first public announcement on the official launch of the Communication Agents Initiative.

Some of you have heard before about this, but many others have not.

The Communication Agents Initiative is a project that is set to provide the right and freedom to publish without worries to all those talented communicators who have not done so because of technology issues.

For those of you who have limited yourself to the use of email to bring about awareness, innovation, alternative information and resourcs to your trusted friends, it is now the time to leverage the potential of new tools and technologies that have become recently mature to bring about effective change and renewal in our society.
Uniquely talented communicators from all countries in the world have already pre-applied to become the second official group of learning Communication Agents.

Find out who has already lined up his name to jump onto this unique opportunity.

They are:

1) Emma Holister (France)
Emma is a talented artist, thinker and health freedom supporter. She wants to pursue the Health initiatives during her CA learning path.

2) Tjarko Holtjer (Holland)
Tjarko is a cosmic being bringing understanding and pathways to individuals seeking harmony and peace. He supports the Health initiative area.

3) Fernanda Ibarra (Mexico)
Fernanda is a learning, technology and communication expert wanting to affect how education is designed and to intelligently seed friendly uses of technology and new media inside it.

4) Suhit Anantula (India)
Suhit is a passionate communicator with a broad know-how in communication, learning and new technologies. He is yet to identify which area of change he wants to work on as a learning Communication Agent
Wes Kussmaul

5) Zoe Lenska (Canada)
Zoe is a very talented and active communicator in the area of health freedom and counter-information. Zoe want to extend her reach, network with other powerful communicators and initiate change actions around the world.

6) Luigi Bertuzzi (Italy)
Luigi's critical thinking and organizational management goals are set to affect changes and action required by work, collaboration, technology and media in a forthcoming reformed society.

7) Wes Kussmaul (USA)
Wes is an Internet pioneer and an advocate of the need for some kind identity and authentication mechanism to regulate our future interaction in virtual space. Wes is interested in affecting change in the area of individual privacy and security.

8) Andrea Rieniets (Australia)
Andrea is a singer and musician with a passionate heart, willing to help others and to spread a message of change to as many as she can reach.

9) Leo Rebello (India)
Dr. Leo Rebello, Ambassador of Change and Holistic Health. Leo is a medical doctor from India who has been educating and informing people on the effective agenda of pharmaceutical companies, while providing them with uniquely effective solutions to cure and prevent their diseases withiut using allopathic pharmaceuticals.

10) Heidi Hanson & Joe Samsen (USA)
Heidi and Joe are a wonderful communication dyad. Rational and exploring one one hand, creative and syhtesizing on the other. Heidi illustrates with unique talent inspiring visions of the future and Joe weaves the fascinating stories that reveal the new realities that we need to start looking at.

Not seeing your name listed here?

Just sign up at the bottom of this page and you will be immediately placed in my list for the next round of departing Communication Agents.

If you feel interested in finding out more about this Initiative just stay tuned (until tomorrow) or sign up for my notifications through the Bloglet service available at the top of the right vertical column.

For more background info on the Communication Agents Initiative please look at:

The Coming Of Communication Agents
A critical commentary of "Blogging and the eCommunication Paradigm" by Jose Luis Orihuela University of Navarra (Pamplona, Spain) Professor Orihuela provides a very interesting and valuable paper on the new universe of communication created by independent individuals around the world, who by way of a precise social and cultural need have chosen to become the new, unique, trusted and most-up-to-date sources of critical information available. Bloggers, webloggers and the universe they create is a phenomenon of such importance for our immediate future, hardly anyone is grasping its implications fully. In this humble attempt at providing some differing viewpoints on the topic I take what I would consider an established assessment on the blog universe and the new media to launch some critical comments and to open up some new questions to reflect upon.

Communication Agents
Somebody just asked me: "Hey Robin, but what are these Sharewood Tidings?" I replied: "The Sharewood Tidings news section is Robin Good's daily post about ideas, concepts, tools and resources that can get me and you closer to become the critical Communication Agents we have chosen to be. Sharewood - The new virtual place where information and resources are shared without first considering what is provided in return. Tidings - Insider information and Good news coming from Sharewood." A simple romantic name gives me the greatest opportunity for spreading critical questions, ideas and Good news and resources through a real-time publishing channel like it was never possible before. If you want to find out more about me and my mission here is the article to read.

How To Become A Communication Agent
As I have been studying and learning much in my ten fields of interest the amount of Good content available in each one is quite significant. While so far the content has been helping Web surfers of all kinds coming from search engines with specific questions, my audience is gradually but rapidly changing to include a great number of people who want to communicate better and more effectively while increasing their reach and effectiveness. In this light I have decided to change my "Vista Points" (content categories), which you see listed on the left side of my Robin Good's site pages, into "How Tos" for Communication Agents. Here I am listing the "How Tos" categories that intend to use. My goal is to try to cover a comprehensive and sensible set of areas I am very familar with to provide a conundrum of what it takes to become an effective Communication Agent. Am I forgetting something?

The Road To Communication Agents
I am trying to define as well as I can what is the road to becoming effective Communication Agents. Here are what I see as being the stages or roles that an interconnected individual can decide to take on. Initially, it would appear to me that there is indeed a sequence or rather a set of stages which a Communication Agent would likely go through. It is also perfectly fine that some of these roles remain static for individuals that identify with them their actual mission.

The Coming of Communication Agents - The Offer
Hi to each one of you, magic messengers of our time. Here is Robin, and I have something interesting to tell you. I am not here just to add up to the ongoing noise. There is a lot of information to digest and a lot to learn to make this world go where we want it to, and I am indeed aware how each one of you is already doing a great deal to help in this direction. You have not only been passing critical and hard-to-find information to the friends in your network, but you have also proactively invested your time and best energies to write, explain, summarize and facilitate other people understanding of the issues at stake. Have you not? I have thought of you, and of specifically the five of you, Emma, Chris, Tjarko, Ivan and Claudio, because I saw firsthand how dedicated and passionate you are to the mission you have chosen to follow. Your integrity and desire to help other by passing on, exposing, and pointing to hard-to-identify alternative resources and solutions is very valuable.

On The Road To Communication Agents - First Stop
Some of you have recently followed my personal initiative called Communication Agents, targeted at empowering a small group of talented communicators to become more effective at what they were already doing, mostly through email and personal contacts. What I have openly offered to them and to anybody else who had wanted to -pick up my offer was the opportunity to have a full mini-Web site (I conscioulsy avoided using the word blog not to turn them off with a technical term) in which they could have posted their know-how, reviews, commentary and articles with extreme ease of use, no technical issues to deal with and with maximum immediacy. As Josef, Ivan and Chris took on my proposal I have spent 48 hours setting up everything they needed on my server and then I have given them precise instructions for taking the first step into independent publishing.

How Are Communication Agents Different From Those Who Publish Weblogs
Communication Agents have some special advantages: Not only they have an effective publishing system and a personal guide like me as their personal partner, but they also follow a specific pathway that guarantees them some unique critical traits that differentiates them sharply from any other Web publisher, journalist or blogger. Communication Agents have a unique profile and a set of peculiar characteristics that differentiates them from all other online publishers.

Some examples of what a Communication Agent Web site does and looks like.

Can you identify (in any other possible area of interest) with what these three guys are trying to do?

Josef Hasslberger (from Germany - posts from Italy)
Health Supreme

Chris Gupta (from Canada)
Share The Wealth

Ivan Ingrilli (from Italy)
Grillo Parlante

Readers' Comments    
2003-07-16 10:32:07

Zig Zag

Well, this looks like a jolly *Good* start ... for Communication Agents (CA) to get going! Thank you for all the work you are doing, Robin!

If I can use *Zig Zag* as my CA nickname ... just like Robin Good is your nickname ... I see a tagline underneath saying :
*An attitude and an approach to Web destinations* ..

However, i'll be waiting to see what you have in store ...

All the best,


posted by Robin Good on Tuesday, July 15 2003, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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