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Monday, July 14, 2003

NewSGod Review by LibraryStuff

Steven M. Cohen of Library Stuff kindly reviews my latest Mini-Guide: "NewsGod: How To Be the First One To Know Everything About Anything. Intelligent Agents Come Of Age."

Become A NewsGod

"This is a great guide to keeping current. Robin details the major tools needed to get the job done, without getting too detailed in that the user loses interest. Keeping current needs to be easy and Robin scores high points in my book for making it easy.

Also, there are at least 10 tools mentioned here that I have never seen before. Robin did his homework in locating resources. I haven't had this long of a list of new stuff to try out in a very long time.

There is a great chapter on Search Toolbars, which, IMO, is worth the cost of the publication. I haven't seen a better annotated list of sources (again, half of them were new to me).

There is a bit of discussion on search engines, but not that much on RSS Search Engines like Feedster, and Technorati, but he may not have been looking for those as tools to keep up. Also, I would have liked him to mention specialy RSS enabled tools like Hub Med, but again, he just may not have know about them (trust me, there is a lot of stuff to look through here).

Last, there is a great chapter on web-clipping services, which I rarely mention on LS because I have been trying to move away from e-mail for keeping current as much as possible, due to the increased spam issues of late (you don't spam in aggregators folks!!), but are worth a look anyway.

So there you have it, in a nutshell. I'd get this guide."



Independent review by:
Steven M. Choen
Library Stuff
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Original review accessible here.

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