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Monday, June 30, 2003

Bypass That Firewall

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Leave No Traces behind - Hide your IP



= must have
Software Tool (Win)

Hopster hides your IP address to protect you from anyone who wants to know who you are while you're on the Internet.

Hackers, RIAA investigators, Kazaa monitoring and tracking spyware can no longer track you. No one will know where or who you are.

Hopster acts like an anonymous proxy server between you and other computers. It lets people bypass censoring firewalls to chat with friends using MSN, AIM, Yahoo, Trillian, ICQ and it allows anonymous downloads from Kazaa, iMesh, Grokster, WinMX and many other P2P tools.

Hopster autoconfigures for most P2P clients and instant messengers and you don't need to take extra steps to make it work right away. Be aware that Hopster's site has pop up ads.

Hopster system requirements:
Windows 2000/XP
Internet Explorer 5 or greater

[exe file] Download Hopster and try it out for free. (Continued below...)

Hopster is free to try and comes in four versions (all prices are USD):

Basic - $3.33 per month

Plus - $9.95 per month

Pro - $19.95 per month

Xtreme - $29.95 per month or $99.95 per year


HTTP-Tunnel Client

Http-Tunnel Client

Software tool (Win)

HTTP-Tunnel acts as a SOCKS server, allowing you to use your Internet without being monitored at work, home or school. You can safely use applications in spite of restrictive firewalls. All activities are encrypted, which provides an extra layer of protection from hackers, spyware and ID theft.

Works with eMule, Kazaa, Trillian, AIM, FTP, mIRC, Yahoo! Instant Messenger and others.

It comes with a five-day money back guarantee.

HTTP-Tunnel Client system requirements:
Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP

Download HTTP-Tunnel Client.

HTTP-Tunnel Client is free for low speed bandwidth and comes in four versions (all prices are USD):

1 month - $4.99 per month
3 months - $4.50 per month
6 months - $3.99 per month
12 months - $3.80 per month

Bypass Proxy Client

Bypass Proxy Client

Software tool (Win, Linux and SunOS)

Bypass Proxy Client lets you surf the Internet using your own virtual network so you can anonymously read news groups, talk in chat rooms and visit Web sites. It also protects your Kazaa identity. The software encrypts your Internet movement and routes it through private network servers.

Bypass blocks Web sites that collect IP information and user information for spam lists, safeguards your location and identity when using P2P applications like Kazaa and prevents corporate networks from logging your chat, email or Web communication. It works with Kazaa, AIM, Yahoo! Instant Messenger, MSN, IRC and ICQ.

All editions of Bypass Proxy Client are available as free-trial versions; they are free, fully functional and have an unlimited evaluation period. Please note however that service bandwidth will be limited.

Bypass Proxy Client system requirements:
Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Linux (6x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x)
Solaris (Sparc)
AIX (4.x, 5.x)

Download Bypass Proxy Client.

Bypass Proxy Client comes in three versions (all prices are USD):

Basic User - $5.99 per month
Power User - $9.99 per month
Free trial

Anonymizer Anonymous Surfing

Anonymizer Anonymous Surfing

Software tool (Win)

Anonymous Surfing from Anonymizer creates an encrypted path between your computer and the Internet to shield you from online spying, phishing and pharming (illegally redirects users to fraudulent web sites). It prevents your IP address from being tracked, secures data sent over a wireless connection and runs in the background.

Anonymous Surfing system requirements:
Windows 2000/XP
Internet connection

Price: USD $29.99 for a one-year subscription

Total Net Shield also from Anonymizer has more options such as spam prevention, anti-hacking tools, pop up blocking, malicious script blocking, encrypted email, messaging, chat, and newsgroups.

Price: USD $99.95 for a one-year subscription. No free trial available.



Software Tool (Win)

With Proxifier you can work with any Internet client (browsers, FTP, ICQ, IRC, Kazaa, messengers, telnet, SSH, video/audio, games and others) through a network that is separated from Internet by a firewall (only one open port is required).

Two editions are available: Standard and portable. See the comparison chart.

It provides added privacy in all your Internet activities. For example, when sending and receiving email through a proxy server or by chaining multiple proxy servers together, Proxifier supports all mail clients while allowing you to remain anonymous.

Proxifier system requirements:
Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP

Download Proxifier

Price for both editions: USD $39.95 (volume pricing available) and free to try



Software Tool (Win, Mac, Linux)

Using Tor can help you anonymize web browsing and publishing, instant messaging, IRC, SSH, and other applications that use the TCP protocol. Tor also provides a platform on which software developers can build new applications with built-in anonymity, safety, and privacy features.

Tor's relies on its users and volunteers' time and bandwidth to improve its security. Beware this is development code, therefore it's not a good idea to rely on the current Tor network if you really need strong anonymity.

Tor system requirements:
Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Download Tor and read the documentation.

Price: Freeware. Relies on volunteer help.

Online Web Surfing Tools

Readers have provided a few sites that allow you to surf anonymously using a Web-based tool rather than downloading software. To use them, enter the URL of where you want to go into the box. At the top of every Web page, you'll see a box for entering the URL along with other boxes of things you want blocked such as scripts, cookies and forms.

The irony is that some of these tools come with pop up ads. So you have to decide which is more important to you: privacy or no pop-ups. The following tools have been tested and confirmed that the IP address didn't match our location.

Proxy Ninja

RazorThought surfSafe




Many readers have left helpful comments, so check them out.

Updated: December 26, 2006

Readers' Comments    
2009-12-01 02:32:12


One of the best ways of bypassing firewall is using proxy sites but they can be quite unreliable because they too are blocked as soon as they've been discovered. I'm using Freedur which is a software and it works pretty well. Seems to work well in bypassing firewall.

2009-07-22 17:40:51

Deborah Stenberg

I use vpn service from Websense has blocked their website but the VPN works great. I guess its not easy to block VPN? Even the surfing speed is good. I share the vpn account with my roommate. So we end up paying $2.50 per month for the premium vpn service. They offer different gateways and depending the sites I visit I switch gateway

2009-05-30 13:16:17


Hi everyone.I`m working with hopster and it`s working great.I just have problem with the annoying toolbar.would someone send me that plz?

2009-03-10 21:51:20


Hi! im joel pls help me... my network is proxy connection.. I can send message to my yahoo mesenger my problem is how to connect my webcam... i can't view any webcam in YM or either see other cam.. So what should i do? pls. help me..

Thanks in advance...

2009-01-04 11:48:53

chaos the hedgehog

help me! they block almost every website and doesn't work! i need a proxy 4 jango!!!! plez help!

2008-11-20 13:20:32


im 16 and a junior (11 grade) in high school. our highschool blocks alot and when im taking my online college class and hav nothing to do, it gets pretty boring. iv tried abunch of the sites suggested, but the school has those blocked also. i cant purchase or download anything onto the computer. im really bored and need help finding sites. if you find something email me. also email me if you want to chat.

2008-09-02 11:06:41


I really need a proxy so I can check my emails and my jango account but I cant find any valid Proxies.

2008-08-04 01:06:53


damn firewalls at work.
i can't use any of those helpful sites that were suggested as they are all tagged "Proxy Avoidance" or "spywaremalware" etc etc...

any other bright ideas?

2008-06-23 16:17:21


gracias buen aporte

2008-06-05 12:11:09


please , give me proxy site

2008-05-19 20:07:34


thanks... great article (the comments are even better :)
i looked at some of the sites people recommended, and some worked ok... my friend just emailed me the link to the privacyplease facebook app. privacyplease (mentioned on here before) is giving out free accounts to facebook users and they are much faster than other sites here, especailly tor... all i do is save it to my flash drive, and use it at my school to do whatever, i even showed my dad and now even he uses it...
go to: apps.facebook.comprivacyplease

2008-02-13 15:06:25


can someone give me a list of proxies i can try or a website where i can make my own proxy.

2007-12-08 23:28:49


three proxy program which i have gotten to work at my school are a4proxy, gpass, ultrasurf. i have had better luck with proxy programs in which u can download, than i have had with web based proxys.

2007-12-04 17:20:44


I am in junior high and I can't find a freaking game website thats not blocked. I just want to play some stupid games in computer class to pass time. How can I get pass the blocked websites and find a stupid game to play?!?!?!?!?

2007-08-24 06:26:33


can i chat with mirc trough internet explorer...

i mean my proxy server block .. cannot get mirc server connect, any option...?

2007-08-22 07:32:44


i am working in a firm. network admin blocked the EMULE. any one tell me how i can access emule. please tell me crack software site.

2007-08-21 05:29:59


hey how do i use the google language tool two bypass k9 web restriction

2007-08-13 10:32:06


when i was being blocked by K9 or Websense, and i couldn't access certain sites..
i found it was pretty easy to bypass by using the google language tool

Translate the web page using a different language to english, hell it worked for me..

2007-07-03 03:55:03

Marcus Aurelius

Try Pingfu (http tunnel software) at to bypass firewalls. Works good...

2007-04-29 17:08:24


Rhino & Others,

One of my friends reffered me to SDP PrivacyPlease. It is a great service which is also really cheap. You can either put the single file on your flash drive or a cd, and run it anywhere. When I ran it at my local library, it even made the internet faster!
You can find it at:

Hope this helps.


2007-04-13 12:11:25


SO NOTHING IS WORKING, IT WONT LET ME DO ANYTHING! IT JUST WONT WORK! i really need a proxy that will work out here. e-mail me if you have any idea.

2007-04-05 15:37:47


hey does anybody know a way that i can bypass my schools firewall using a usb flash drive? Is there a program that i can put on there that when i plug it in it temporaraly disables it or something? if there is please email me at

thanks rhino

2007-04-05 12:31:39


um my school took a proky that we had for myspace razorthought.... heard of it? well n-e-way i need a way to get passed websence..... so if you got some info on this topic or my situation plz e-mail me or put it on here... so here is my e-mail


2007-04-03 14:26:44


hey listen need a way to bypass all firewalls at school because they have bocked and and i need to get on myspace and i need help so if you will email me

2007-03-23 11:14:33


Have you guys tried yusing your Java Porxy settings? A couple of them work if you can find the right server and ports.

2007-03-07 16:07:14


By far HTTP-Tunnel client is the best. They have amazing client support. Great price, unlimited bandwidth, unlike the others and 99 uptime. 2 year user. A++

2007-03-07 13:56:50


how can i bypass my schools security... its like everytime i find a new one, they find out fast or someone gets caught and they block it... does anyone know another site i can use... pls help, school is so boring..... thanks so much!

2007-03-07 11:27:41


Almost every link that's listed is blocked by our firewall. The only one that was not was not compatible with Macs and so I'm still getting nowhere. I need a program that isn't blocked by our firewall but that works for Macs.

2007-02-28 04:28:05

Surfbebo - Myspace Proxy Index

a nice proxy directory, a good place to find new proxies.

2007-02-12 11:29:51


Anytime i try to browse some pages, it gets blocked by some God knows what firefall.i cant just do what iwant to do, view pages i want to view

2007-01-26 20:12:46


Tried all of the posted programs but none of them work very well for games and voip/chat...

I found a free one thats in beta right works well so far, esp for wow and other games.

You can try it at (name is PingFu)

If you like it send me a mail of thanks :)

2007-01-25 07:18:31


yeah sum of thoses ideas are quite good, if your school or colleges admin have'nt blocked key words like proxy so none of the advice u are givin people willl work so far i have found nothing to get past my colleges firewall i cannot download any software either because it locks you out if you try there's just to good they use dans gurdian firewalll software if anyone can help me get past this type of firewalll it would be much appriciated

e-mail me on thnaks in advance

2007-01-24 00:29:10


i don't know if its been posted before, but a cool service is SDP PrivacyPlease. its kinda unheard of right now, but i saw a flyer and decided to test it out. The free trial was so good, that now i use it to get to myspace at work... just try it out for yourself @

Hope This Helps,

2007-01-23 04:09:12


This free proxy site works well for me

2007-01-19 11:22:46


None will work. Websense is too powerful. Where do they work, I wanna press charges.

2007-01-14 08:24:36


hi there...i am currently in britain in college...and they have blocked P2P sharing as well as torrents downloading!!...however, you can download whatever you want from the explorer...!!!how is that possible?! and how can i find a way to download torrents?..( how can i also see what type of security they use??is it i$leg*l?) hiding my ip could only be done with software?? [these guys have my MAC address..since i filled a paper to gain my Lan this dangerous?]-- i ve also tried downloading files from others over the network with the help of IP thatle g @l??

2007-01-03 13:12:12


how do you get past lightspeed? proxydomain will get me in some sites, but will not let me sign in to check email etc!

2006-12-18 08:24:43

chuck taylor

i cant believe this. i was booted off my schools internet and they have blocked the proxy websites i need some help. i am new here i ran over this site and figured i give it a try.

2006-11-23 03:32:24


I like to know which messenger is the most safe to be used in Myanmar cos most of the good messengers are banned in Myanmar.
Thanks for your information
Best Regards,

2006-11-22 21:33:46


I'm myanmar. I also try to get the best of proxy software. it also like your freedom software.
if i will got it that i tell you everybody.

hi saadzee
i little know about the ISA server. IF the ISA server close the H232 gatekeeperservice. you can not get web cam.

2006-11-22 15:17:45



2006-11-20 11:19:04


please i need a program like the proxifier
i need to run the P2P program like beare share or bit comment coz i have a fucken proxy in my country

2006-11-16 05:35:01


go on
it worked @ our skool

2006-11-13 08:41:44


we used to get passed websense using https:// sites at work, websense doesn't check the information that you send to a secure server (supposedly) but then someone in it discovered, and they setup a proxy that redirects any https:// site and if it is related to proxy avoidance then it redirects it back to websense, if anyone can help on how to bypass this new proxy it will be really appreciated, let me explain the behaviour, whenever you go to a restricted site an internet explorer pop up saying the digital signature for the security certificate is invalid appears, and then it sends you directly to websense when you select to continue, if you choose to cancel it doesn't navigate, i tried in mozilla and then it send you directly to websense without any alert.
any help will be appreciated

2006-10-29 05:23:48



New service to bypass proxies AND firewall has been release on

Trial period is free

If surfnolimit website is blocked you can download it direcly on mirror


2006-10-25 03:43:47


Hmmm it is tempting to get hopster pro but i would say that hopsters reliability is scatty at best and so no point in paying 4 something that may not even work + it does not even work with windows live messenger

2006-10-19 10:23:01

Richard Romance

Well I found a site that willwork to bypass all firewalls I don't really want to give it out on free market. Well whatever ....:

It works well
Email and thank me
Its sorta slow but so are these stupid computers

Who doesnt want to break through websense.
I am writing a program to redirect websense so you don't have to use these stupid fucking proxy servers. Well good luck

Since I gave it away someone will get it blocked
good luck

2006-10-06 10:20:51


nothin works i cant use anything i tried
i had a proxy that worked
my school blocked it
they have a stbernard system
i hate it if any one has something that might work e-mail me at

2006-09-30 08:13:54

scar it even tells you how to make your own proxy at the bottom of the page.

2006-09-26 08:43:25


There is another new solution on working very good which allow you to browse and use any application like Msn mesenger , yahoo messenger with webcam and sound.
You can also go on website using rtmp flash protocol even if your firewall block these ports
For me this was the ultimate solution to avoid proxy and firewall

2006-09-24 12:08:18


dear sir

Now i m using the bypass your-freedom clients version in my country (Myanmar) But now i can not use for your-freedom.
So i hear that for have your-freedom licens version.
so i would like to buy and where can i buy and where i will be download.
pls let me as soon as possible
thanks you

2006-08-30 09:22:32

casey lambie

Firewalls are annoying! I tried all of them but none worked

2006-08-13 19:45:27


Since people were talking about firewall bypassing services, I thought I would list one of my favorites: SDP PrivacyPlease. You Can Find It At I is a Very Good Service And I Love The Features!

2006-08-07 16:21:43


how could u get on myspace with out begging block i tryed everything already

2006-07-31 04:43:40


Hi guys, I have been using your freedom proxy client and it works fine no problems. But i just want 2 know if the system admin can find it out. I am using it since 1 yr but no1 knows abt it. But is it possible to find out if any1 is using hopster, your freedom etc bypassing clients?

2006-06-08 13:12:55


Someone forgot one more ^^ I personally love this one, its good until the admin finds it out, all of these links-and the one I'm about to tell you- but Sneakysurf is a good place;

2006-06-03 22:19:42

Siddharth Menon

Yes, ULTRASURF works ... it will bypass all the firewalls & websense. I rem there was one more simillar software to ULTRASURF that was FREEGATE .

Here you the client connects to online Servers using https & here you can enjoy g8 speed internet :)

| | India Callin ? | amchi Mumbai |

2006-05-19 16:50:57


Hey ppl, this a wonderful thread you have here!

I too know of a couple good proxy servers, but didn't see 'em here. They are -

Hope its useful for you guys.

However, hopster worked great for me... after strating hopster, I configured mozilla to use the socks v4 port, and to use the proxy config URL to localhost:1080. It works bingo! Thanks you all! (My network administrator is a wimp, though ;) Doesn't know a crap about good firwall configurations :))

2006-05-15 05:52:00


All of them are good but i think the best is, but somehow the school's computer guy (lol) blocked all of them, so u might want to update ur list or make somefin that can bypass this new block.

2006-05-10 16:24:21


Hello, all somehow in the college were i work, all proxy sites are blocked, and firewalls cann ot be bypassed i used to be able to do it using your freedom, but now that does not work either, also i cannot install any software without, being administrator, does anyone knw anyway or software that can help email me @

2006-03-29 20:56:33


Hi, ok i used to know about all these great proxy servers, but now the sysadmin has caught on and has blocked everything that says proxy even if it was a secure sight they changed the ports so now i cant do anything with proxy. so what else is there? there has to be someother website, although i know that i could dl things like http-tunnel and others, it just takes a bunch of work so i just want an easier way, if not then i will dl something and figure it out. remember there is always something!

2006-03-16 18:04:18


You can get passed a firewall by using

2006-03-05 01:39:33

Ben C

Check out Tor. It it is free, works better, and runs on most platforms.

2006-03-04 21:14:42

can anyone help me to downloade larger file than 2 mb by a http proxy? thx and sorry for my english.
e-mail me at

2006-03-03 18:02:05


i've seen plenty of comments on needing help on trying to get past i'm going to join those people and ask for help as well.....please send me something to try and get past it because i'm tired of my college blocking websites day by day, soon there won't be anything to go to....please help ASAP......they're probably going to lock this site in a few minutes.....

2006-02-25 14:45:14

bad killer

Could you please help me to find out a way to hack a Yahoo or Hotmail email?
My email address is:


2006-01-23 09:10:40


Hi surfers,

I would deeply appreciate if someone can help me out here by sending me a Hopster account ID to
I would really appreciate that.

2006-01-18 20:36:26

I need to know some websites so that i can get into a site from school. I've tried so many anonymous sites so that i can get in. But recently they were all blocked. The ones that used to work were and will probably work for you are:

2006-01-18 20:33:34


I need to know some websites so that i can get into a site from school. I've tried so many anonymous sites so that i can get in. But recently they were all blocked. The ones that used to work were and will probably work for you are:

2006-01-18 20:31:49


I need to know some websites so that i can get into a site from school. I've tried so many anonymous sites so that i can get in. But recently they were all blocked. The ones that used to work were and will probably work for you are:

2006-01-18 13:10:39

Smart Man

Hi Friends
Anybody tried redirecting sites to bypass firewall? i was using this one for some time. but now that also blocked by websense. but it may work for some others. use the following site for redirecting ur blocked sites.
for example which is blocked can be visited by typing like this.
If anybody find sites like this please post here and send to me also

2006-01-16 19:13:05


Hi, i need the hopster registration code or something like that, can you help me? Thanks , please mail me

2006-01-14 05:21:45


I have tried Hopster, Freedom, and God knows what not. I am behind an ISA Server and although Freedom lets me browse and connect to msn, I still can't use the Webcam or Video conferencing feature.

The Uni server allows us to use MSN and Yahoo anyways. But what we cannot use are the Webcam and Audio chat features.

So if there is anyone who could really help, since all these softwares become useless as they serve the same purpose.

Hopster connects but does not work. I've tried Freecap. RealTunnel. None work except Freedom but only for the purposes which I do not need it for. I can browse and everything as it is.

So if someone can tell me how can I web-chat on an ISA Server which has a Firewall and a Proxy.

Thank You


2006-01-11 00:14:23

trigger phantom crash

hopster is hell it has a virus not recomended at all kepp away from hopster.

2006-01-10 22:22:07

trigger phantom crash

ok thoghs of you that like to torrent get Bit lord and then download the full ver of hopster from it is cracked

2006-01-10 16:43:14

Hey ppl , I need a bunch of sites that will bypass my high schools firewall so that I can go to anysite that i wan't mainly had a site that would let me go to the site but not sign in, it only made me creat a new space so if anyone has a site other than, please email it to me thanx.....

2005-12-19 21:33:59

Hey people.Another site i've been using to bypass Websense is the nclick on Parental directory or somehting of that sort.Unfortunetly my skool found out and has personally blocked it,but it still might work for some of you guys. But anyway,my problem now is that websense has blocked all of the proxy sites and I have no way through,so if someone can please help me out!

2005-12-12 15:44:03


Use for aol hotmail and yahoo messengers ]
Works behind firewall.

For webpages use

Now Only thing is how to check gmail emails behind firewall.

Please HELP



2005-12-08 12:44:12


i had the same problem on my university but i downloaded http tunnel and now everything is just fine, even torrents are working on my pc...

2005-12-01 15:33:33


Hey, I want to completely bypass my high school's wicked firewall, but there seems to be nowhere I can go to download any of the bypass programs I've seen so far. Can someone please put a mirror to download hopster or something on a site that doesn't even mention the words 'firewall bypass'. I'm pretty sure those words are completly locked off. Hell, EVERYTHING's lock! :P
Post the url here if you do, or send me an e-mail at

Thanks a million in advance.

2005-11-28 02:10:04


It seems a lot of people are having problems passing through their college's/universities firewall. I have been desperately trying to break my college's firewall for quite sometime now, but I hardly know anything about computers to even start. For music downloads, seems to work most of the time...I have downloaded hundreds of files. No other p2p programs like Kazaa or Limewire have worked. For gaming, I have connected my Playstation on to the internet by simply plugging in the information on my computer in to the PS2's network configuration settings (This only works for select games, however). If anyone knows anything more about connecting XBox Live or Playstation through a college firewall, please email me at Greatly Appreciate it!

2005-11-24 22:49:58


ok i need help to pass my school fire wall i go to greensborough college or a way to shut out the adminastrator

2005-11-19 09:50:48


Hi I'm unable to log in to msn messanger because this site is blocked in our office network . I can install msn messanger but I'm unable to go beyond proxy.

2005-10-24 02:24:19 allows you to receive and send Hotmail email -
(no attachments yet)

2005-10-14 12:24:20


i want a crack or code for hopster to be full
can someone emial it to my email:
tanks sssssssssssssooooooooooo much

2005-09-29 03:08:40


Http-tunnel is the best

2005-09-25 18:58:20


I have tried Hopster, Freedom, and God knows what not. I am behind an ISA Server and although Freedom lets me browse and connect to msn, I still can't use the Webcam or Video conferencing feature.

The Uni server allows us to use MSN and Yahoo anyways. But what we cannot use are the Webcam and Audio chat features.

So if there is anyone who could really help, since all these softwares become useless as they serve the same purpose.

Hopster connects but does not work. I've tried Freecap. RealTunnel. None work except Freedom but only for the purposes which I do not need it for. I can browse and everything as it is.

So if someone can tell me how can I web-chat on an ISA Server which has a Firewall and a Proxy.

Thank You


2005-09-23 15:23:11


i need help i am not good at hacking into stuff but i downloaded hopster and other programes so i can get around my school firewall but i cant install the setup because that is blocked to is there any other way to get around it

2005-09-21 19:17:07


hey...i found this forum by accident..and i am not sure if i got it right but if i did, here is some help: i am in university too & p2p programms are not allowed so, i downloaded e-donkey or e-mule and i put it in the usb key. I put the usb key in the university computer and run the program from there. the administrator cannot see it and i download anything.
If i am completely out of topic... oh well..i tried to help!

2005-09-19 10:56:23


Hi, I was using your-frrdom but for the last few days websense blocked all freedom servers.Anybody got any idea to bypass websense.Pl help
my mail is

2005-09-18 08:18:19


i cant connect to the chat room .everytime i try to join a chat room i get a message "your request took a longer time than expected". if anybody has the solution for it then plz. mail me at

2005-09-16 13:04:59

Stelmaria on E

ok, im sure yuo'lls suggestions work and everyhing but godamn websense already blocks all the sites to download these things and clasifies then as "proxy avoidence". is there anyway to get to a proxy avoidance site without geting caught by websense? please email me cuz at this rate this site will blocked out in no time.

2005-09-07 04:03:36


Anyone from Myanmar, our problem is same,
We need to share our experience together,
I have an idea that
~ A special interest group on internet (blog) ~
We need to establish.

If you have connection problem,
You can contact me, I will help you
I will try my best to solve you.

2005-09-07 02:47:14


Take it eazy<
we can crack hopster someday,
but ........

2005-08-31 23:48:31


on your freedom, i dont kno wat to type in the proxy address and host.
I did wat it said but everythings blank and their are no proxies
and i am using a wirless school internet
wat do i do to make it work???

2005-08-31 11:37:59


folks, can i ask for your help? if you know the answer into my question, please send me a message. my email address:
Thank you very much!

2005-08-31 11:34:22


i have a problem on the internet caffe i'm working. some of the computers cannot accept invitations to view webcam. The costumers are asking why but i don't know what to do, it says that the computers are protected under a firewall. i turned that firewall off but still the problem persist. can you help me.

2005-08-26 17:17:47


Use Your-Freedom,
it's better and the free version has no ads

2005-08-26 04:19:22


i've already hopster on my pc. but it's dosn't work becouze of the firewall installed by our network addmin.. anyone help me? account maybe to solve this problem..
My email address

2005-08-18 10:12:25

Nandkumar Kelkar

I was logged into yahoo messanger suddunly i got message that"you have been signed off because you
signed in on a different computer or device."
This had happened yesterday but after 5 minutes it allowed me to loggedin. But today i am anot able to loggin into Messanger. Other users also getting same message on their PC. In our company

Thanks a Ton for ur help in adnace.

Waiting for the reply



2005-08-18 03:28:57



i got an other better way how to crack that HOPSTER.
#1. Go to this HOPSTER dude, and ask if this dude can let you key-in something in their computer
#2. Walk in for a job in HOPSTER
#3. Get a guy or girl inside HOPSTER, make they your mate
#4. And the better way is,...damn, someone is see me!

2005-08-17 11:04:27

Bob McCormick

My goodness

Are you people stupid? How many times do people have to say that THERE ARE NO CRACKS FOR HOPSTER.

So stop asking!!!!

2005-07-27 20:26:50


PLZ anyone have ID?? im glad if someone can help me!! send to my email

2005-07-27 19:01:04


Hopster is really a great programm but the 2kbit/s are too slow.
Can anyone send me a crack or id account number ?!


2005-07-27 16:52:25


I tried hopster but it was worthless after a while, when my admin. found out. i can still connect yahoo messenger for some reason, without the hopster.
if anyone has find out a better way to bypass the firewall, please contact me.

2005-07-11 14:42:52


hey der ppl ..... help me out here. i got a college firewall here dat is blockin ma connection 2 da outer world.. cant chat cant use msn msngr, yahoo msngr,.. cant do shit........... i tried 2 download some firewall bypassin software frm some sites but even doz sites turned out 2 b blocked by a firewall........ plz gimme a link 2 download free firewall bypassin software .(wid da crack if necessary)........ somebody anybody reply asap.......... im desperate here

2005-07-08 14:30:35


Listen up everyone that has broadband at home but wants to get through their firewall at school / work / other place where they can't.

At home download and install:

Basically run the connecter server at home on port 443.
443 is SSL (This will fool the firewall to think that you are connecting to a "secure" server)

Then at work / school wherever, run the same application ( but choose the Redirector Client then put in your ip address / address and connect to port 443.

Now everything you connect to on localhost ( will get redirected to your computer at home allowing you access.

Read here for better explained info :)

2005-07-01 15:47:50


I really need a account of hopster. If you can
give me one. Everything about ebooks you need, just let me know. thanks. my e-mail:

2005-06-30 01:39:55


Hopster is really a great programm but the 2kbit/s are too slow.
Can anyone send me a crack or id account number ?!


2005-06-29 18:02:11


My hospter was I need to connect to Msn but I can't , every adress to web surfing anonimous was blocked to!!!! so Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

2005-06-28 16:52:20

Hla Myint

I want to know which website to use for hotmail? I got hopster but it is a little slow.

I can use gmail and yahoo mail through . but i cannot use hotmail without using hopster. Can someone suggest me? I'm from Myanmar.

2005-06-21 13:36:12


I really need a account of hopster. If you can
give me one. Everything about ebooks you need, just let me know. thanks. my e-mail:

2005-06-16 17:39:19

Vlad Einhorn

My ISP is my company. we all get free connections. unfortunately my company blocked the use of programs such as kazaa etc... while the isp for my company has not. any ideas on how to deal with this problem?

2005-06-16 12:53:53


Hopster is really a great programm but the 2kbit/s are too slow.
Can anyone send me a crack or id account number ?!


2005-06-11 18:51:15


Well i guess i will help all those people that want to go to websites at school

2005-06-08 15:14:22


TO bypass firewall with YOUR-FREEDOM.
at poxy-setting for your browser (IE?)
Address : localhost
port : 8080
make sure your-freedom client is connected to server.

i m from myanmar, so gimme pan-cake now!

2005-05-24 19:01:49


This stuff is good but the fact is you still can't access many of the sites recommended because most admins block access to sites that offer "proxy avoidance" software so you are still stuck.

2005-04-18 06:20:07


I was temping at this place and EVERYTHING practically was banned on the net, Yahoo, Hotmail, ebay etc but I FINALLY found a place to check my mail.

2005-04-16 17:54:33

computer student !

Hello! all experts around the world!
I'm from myanmar.
Can u help me?
I have hotmail account and can sent mails with hotmail by using mailer softwares.
But I cann't check that mail easily.
Because our ISP, blocked that site and other popular sites.

~~~Hopster,Jap,Http-tunnelNG,Your-freedom is not very useful for me!~~~
It's slow. I want faster software.

Please help me to check hotmail!
Please tell me URL links or nice email hacker programs or other methods to check hotmail from myanmar.
Save me from web jail!


I can help myanmar newbies to check yahoo mail and gmail from my site.
I can also invite to get gmail account.
But there is a few invitations.
Hurry contact me if you want to use gmail.
Have a nice day!
Remark: If you are programmer, you can send me source codes to pass firewall and proxy.

2005-04-13 00:50:03


Enuf of you guys cant even imagine that all you guys after so much of research you cant even by pass websense. Go to this website and download the program called ultrasurf.exe

And dont tell me if it doesnt work.

2005-04-11 10:16:56


Hi,everyone,I am using hopster for msn,but it often offline,I think it must use a account,so,I hope someone ould help me and send the account to me,my mail is you very much!

2005-04-02 01:52:33


hi frenz,
i need a favour frm u all....i'm studyin in university where we are behind firewall and we are forced to stop downloading .exe files through dansguardian ..... do anyone know how to pass it over...plz help....thanx

2005-03-30 05:27:01



My company has use ISA server 2004 to stop Emole application Pls give my any cule to bypass ISA server 2004 to connect my emole application

2005-03-28 19:09:12


Can anyone e-mail me an account id for hopster?

many thanks for those who willing.

2005-03-17 16:16:14


Dear All myanmars or all hopster users,

There is no crack and can't get ID from someone who bought the account for hopster. So, don't be silly to find crack for hopster. Now I'm testing someting. When I got it , I will post here.

2005-03-07 05:55:06


i want to proxy firewall.

2005-03-02 14:47:49


Please...IF anyone can give me an personal account ID for hopster, please send a e-mail to . Many thanks

2005-03-01 09:07:26


hello LAMERS, you won't find crack or 'serial' for hopster anywhere for obvious reasons (their server will always know if two IP are using same account)
so PAY if you wanna PLAY..

2005-02-26 20:13:56


yahoo messenger still doen't work.Why us that. plz help me solve this problem thank you

2005-02-23 12:54:09


I now using hopster free account. But your-freedom is the best. Your-freedom said that they release new website because of increasing new member. I don't know what meant that. Please give me information about your-freedom new website. JAP doesn't work well. What else?
I want to know more about anonymous proxy server. I am from Myanmar. Say sorry about my English.

2005-02-20 12:26:13


Please S.O.S ! I am getting on trouble in weblife. Because of our country is banned and blocked a lot of websites. So, I need one of the nice bypass-proxy and bypass-firewall programs. Although I downloaded the hopster, it is too slow.
If someone have the hopster full version or hopster ID, help me.
I am from myanmar. me ! : )
Have a nice day everybody !

2005-02-17 11:03:13


I have used the hopster, it works. I can use the MSN messenger but I can not use Yahoo messenger, although I selected the SOCKS connection with PORT 1080 but despit of that it doesn't work

Any one there to help me in establishing Yahoo messanger connection so that I can use it. Please reply me on

2005-02-17 08:32:57


Can anyone e-mail me an account id for hopster?

many thanks for those who willing.

2005-02-11 13:54:12


Hi, the firewall of my company blocks so many websites. I use Hopster, is very good. but that is demo version, I need Full version, I need and ID Hopster or its crack, if anyone got one email at:

Thank u very much

2005-02-02 07:24:30


Our Country Banned too many websites.
So i need hopster!
but i can download trial.
I want full vision.
Pls write english. I am myanmar.
thank u.

2005-01-29 16:46:19


Mi fiance lives in a country which restricts internet access. She had used the demo version of hopster to circumvent the national firewall. Some sysadmin blocked the site. If I purchase the advanced versions will that solve the problem or does Hopster work only until discovered and then no more?

2005-01-26 10:21:18



I need the serial key for hopster, please share it to me and email it to



2005-01-14 08:36:15


how to get personal account ID for Hospter

2005-01-14 08:35:25


how to get personal account ID for Hospter

2005-01-11 22:57:35

ni namer

does any1 no how to pass websense other than proxy sites because the proxy avoidence has already begun

2005-01-05 13:05:40


Hey, if anyone has a crack for Hopster for the better service, or full version please email me at

If anyone has socks2http 0.98 or anything like that, FULL VERSION, not trial please email me.


2005-01-05 09:22:39

Lian Za Sang

Hi, My Country ISP is blocked so many websites. I use Hopster, is very good. but that is demo version, I need Full version, I need and ID Hopster or its crack, if anyone got one email at:

2005-01-04 03:45:34


Hello I have a problem. I don't know how to configure the Outlook Express with the Hopster (I think it is beautiful). I think it bypass the proxy because I can access to all pages in the web but the Outlook Express dosn't work

Gun and phrases - si vis pacem, para bellum and ABBYY OCR and language software. Other my page!

2005-01-04 00:59:39


I like for New version SE MSN, is real help

2005-01-02 12:41:34


help me
i need hopster account onegai
i will do anything if you give it to me
this is my email
i have kazaa http serial num

2004-12-31 16:43:15


Please...IF anyone can give me an personal account ID for hopster/ that 2kilo speed is killing me. Many thanks

2004-12-30 00:57:29


I need the id too, can anyone email me? Thanks

2004-12-28 19:49:10


Help Me!!

the proxy server refused to connect to the hopster network!!

2004-12-19 06:23:26


hey evrybody,
my LAN setting is : proxy server (Adress:proxy Port:8080)
for using yahoo messenger i must use firewall whit no proxies?when i use this a table(Enter Network Password) apear and ask me my user name and password and domain and... yahoo messenger dosnt work at all.
i use hopster too. it dosent work whit this setting...
please please please help me... what should i do?

2004-12-13 09:59:38


I m using free version of hopster since moe than 10 days. Yahoo messenger was working till 2 days back. sudenly it stopped conecting. How ever msn mesenger is still working...!! How can i make yahoo wok again...any clues?

2004-12-08 17:58:41


in college behind firewall. Want to play online gambling game,lets me download the software but cant connect to it in order to change proxy settings etc so hopster no good to it. I just need a way of connecting to the software ne1 ne ideas cheers

2004-12-07 15:16:44


Dear All,

Hi I'm unable to log in to Yahoo messanger because this site is blocked in our office network we are using class B IP. I can install yahoo messanger but I'm unable to go beyond proxy.
Please HELP.

2004-12-05 11:32:48


hello mate i need help im behind a university lan they cut all the p2p downloads (i mean the ports) i try hopster i dont like it its too shit i also tryied httptunnel but it didnt work and freedom too that didnt work either if you know any good programs that will do please let me know
thanks mate

2004-12-04 05:04:07


hi all
can anyone give me hopster serial crack?

email me a

thanks in advance

2004-11-30 06:49:45


can anyone send me an account number for hopster log in. i am in my campus room and cant connect to a p2p network, it says connecting constantly, i hate the school firewall...please help...please...for the love of the greta host

2004-11-30 06:31:52

Shantanu Goel

good article dude

2004-11-29 14:09:51

John F.

can anyone send me an account number for hopster ??
Email address:


2004-11-29 00:24:00


Please...IF anyone can give me an personal account ID for hopster/ that 2kilo speed is killing me. Many thanks

2004-11-17 10:51:07


Any one know how to bypass firewall and your-freedom is really the best and I just install hopster but don't know how to use .So Please Help me to setup and I wish to learn socks in internet explorer and I can get through firewall

Please Send Me

I will give you free pancakes if you come to Myanmar

2004-11-03 09:16:09

Nay Lin Htut

Pls help!!! After I installed the hopster and although it is ready. I still cannot connect to my yahoo and msn messenger! May I know how to solve this? I have set the Hopster Proxy settings with my current company proxy setting. But, still cannot work. Pls help!!!!

2004-11-02 11:00:36


In our company yahoo messenger(port 5050) has been blocked, proxy server is squid. Is there any way to access it ? any buddy can help me ?

2004-11-01 20:52:11


I use hospter for free but i dont know howmany times i can use it..also i can't send email attachements using hospter..!

2004-10-29 09:44:02


as everyone, i need an account number,

so please email me at

if anyone need help on security or network stuff i'll be please to do so.

PS: so please the account number would be a great thing.

2004-10-27 14:24:24


can anyone send me an account number for hopster ??


2004-10-27 02:35:55


Necesito porfavor un ID para hopster estoy mamado de tener que bajar archivos a 1MB

Please I need some ID for Hopster please!!!!!

2004-10-26 05:14:14


Hey guys! i was jus' bored... so i 'm writing. by the way.. if u like makin new friends, e-mail me @

if u cant go on msn cuz its blocked, go 2

Bye! =D

2004-10-19 05:05:48

seung mo, kang

When I run hopster.exe, It works well

but I will configure setting, selecting the
'application tab'

show follow message and program termination.

Visual C++ Runtime library
Runtime Error!
Program: C:\Program Files\hopster\hopster.exe

abnormal program termination

2004-10-17 23:04:29


If you can't get hopster, try a similar program at

2004-10-15 16:01:33


hi,can i use hopster for bypassing "Websense" ?
the admin has blocked Can i downloaded it fro another page?

2004-10-15 13:09:27


We could do challenge? why is that difficult to find a crack for hopster?

i am really annoyed... i searched everywhere, and i could not find it.

2004-10-10 13:18:47


some one plzzzzzzzzzzz give me an account or a crack for hopster or atleast any other program that works the same way. i have already tried httpport but in vain :-(

2004-10-08 14:20:06


Your Freedom rules. No other app does it better.

2004-10-07 00:22:32


can anyone send me an account number for hopster as well. It would really help me out!

Thank you,


2004-09-29 12:19:06


can anyone gimme their hopster serial key if it can be used by another person or tell me about another program that works better ....i tried using "your-freedom" but it stopped workin :(

2004-09-25 08:15:07


Please Somebody help me i installed hopster and i used internet explorer setting for hopster but once i wanted to use hopster it alert me that the proxy server refused to connect to hopster network check your proxy i use nmap and scan my proxy server :

Starting nmap 3.50 ( ) at 2004-09-12 04:10 EDT
Interesting ports on (
(The 1647 ports scanned but not shown below are in state: closed)
21/tcp open ftp
53/tcp open domain
80/tcp open http
135/tcp open msrpc
445/tcp open microsoft-ds
1025/tcp open NFS-or-IIS
1026/tcp open LSA-or-nterm
1080/tcp open socks
1720/tcp open H.323/Q.931
2301/tcp open compaqdiag
3005/tcp open deslogin
3006/tcp open deslogind
Device type: general purpose
Running: Microsoft Windows 2003/.NET
OS details: Microsoft Windows .NET Enterprise Server (build 3604-3790)

Nmap run completed -- 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 30.324 seconds

2004-09-22 18:11:43

Miles K.

You can try webmessenger. It is far better than e-messenger and was created by MSN. It looks the same, has all the same feautures except voice, webcam and attachment sending. It is on

2004-09-21 04:24:51


hi there...i already installed the program and yet i cant use it can anybody mail me how does it work and i got 1 more problem about account number if anyone can send me much appreciated.

2004-09-20 07:45:32


Please tell me how to configure "your freedom". How to use it for msn and yahoo msgr?

2004-09-18 14:36:56


hello guys
I want to know how does the hopster works
Iam the network admin and Iam closing all web sites for all users except the business sites and want to open to hopster so I can use chatting programs to talk wd frnds
we have a proxy server here
so what to open to make it easy to hopster to work??

2004-09-17 12:43:40


i have 2 questions
1) one used serial, could be used by another user?
2) and if it can, could anyone give me one?

2004-09-11 11:37:56


i cant connect to kaza through hopster
any body can help me out

2004-09-09 12:32:29


u can log in as "halo" with out the "

2004-09-01 21:30:42


el hopster no me dice que no puede conectarse al servidor.el servidor lo rechaza.como hago

2004-09-01 10:35:14


I installed Hopster and then uninstalled it. Before that I had copied the Hopster directory to another folder (this is to avoid the admin verfcn of installed software).

anyway hopster is launching but im not able to use it for browsing through IE. Please guide me in what and where to setup. I have already entered the Proxy settings in the Hopster exe.

Please reply to


2004-08-30 20:51:15


I got websense at work and i want to be able to at least surf the web in peace while i work..they got websense and i just wanted to know how to bypass that so that i can surf

2004-08-29 22:43:25


Has nebody used "your freedom" for Kazaa. I am able to configure My freedom and it started sending n receiving bytes, but in message window it shows aunthetication failed stopping connection
Is it connectin or not? And again it has no option for s/ws it supports. I hav configured kazaa for local host : 1080, but still I am not able to connect.

2004-08-29 22:21:31


Hav nebody used ne s/ws which can configure with kazaa to bypass tht firewall, other then hopster.
If yes, plz. tell me which 1 is best n how to configure it for kazaa
Hopster trial version is too slow(if ne body can provides its crack, it will b gr8)

2004-08-26 13:41:45


Once your ISP blocked hopster then it becomes useless no matter how u configure it. May be the other programs (freecap, HTTP Tunnel, your-freedom) would work, I'm gonna try them but have anyone used them!!? can you post how each one been configured!!! I would appreciate it.

To Shelly/Shaikh Taimur Lateef/armani

Please post how you configured your recommended program in details, what if ISP finds out about them do you think they can block them.. is that possible!! ;)


2004-08-25 12:49:50


hi ... i am going to university soon .... and it seems that i am not allowed to use p2p programms in my campus room ... i was wondering if i can pass the firewall ... would my Network administrator notice that i am running a p2p program ? .... if Yes ... is there any way of preventing it .... plz reply to my email : ...

thank u

2004-08-25 05:27:40


I got hopster and configured it all but when I try to connect to irc servers via mirc I get Firewall: Closed connection error.. I think that maybe the sysadmin has blocked every port but how can I be sure?

2004-08-24 17:53:26


Hello everybody,

I think Hopster is great but the trial version is too slow. I need to upgrade to hopster plus. Does anybody give me an ID account for hopster Plus? Write to

2004-08-20 04:19:49


Hello All,

I'm using Hopster program but I need a crack or serail id of hopster for stopping any banner. Anyone can help me? Please kindly suggest me how to solve it.

Thank you

2004-08-18 13:57:39


Hi can anyone help me out with a crack or id for hopster, plz email me.

2004-08-18 08:46:46


Hopster is the best of the best

2004-08-17 12:22:19


as say Shaikh Taimur Lateef

your freedom is a great program!!!

it works
and ftp
now download 40 kb :D

is great


2004-08-17 12:21:21


There is no cracks/keygens for hopster.

2004-08-17 08:16:38


Hai guys..
just send me the conf.of hopster for yahoo messenger..
thanx in advance..

2004-08-14 20:10:13


Hi all,
Hopster works nice to me, but I want to use my favorite browser: Opera.
Opera doesn´t have socks support so I downloaded Freecap but it hasn´t any useful help. I searched with google without any luck.
My problem is: how to configurate Freecap for Opera browser or any other application?

2004-08-12 15:35:05


OK reading all the posts here ive got a rather unusual one it seems......i want to block hopster with a foolproof method so that it cant be used in any manner. im using ISA firewall so anybuddy who can help me with this id greatly appreciatte it.

2004-08-10 20:46:21


hi all,
got hopster to work in the computer labs at uni but not on m campus room. i use windows 98. i got kazaalite but it cannot connect. the web browser works but it keeps staying on 'connecting..' even though hopster is running... please help.
send me a mail with 'kazaa help' if u've got any idea plz
any help would be much apreciated :-)

2004-08-09 19:23:10


I would like to kwnow how to configurate Hopster to use with Outlook.

2004-08-09 09:37:39


if someone could help me with an account for hopster. I will appreciate alot
thank you

2004-08-08 17:03:01


if someone could help me with an account for hopster. thank you

2004-08-03 15:55:07


Please Help me! Me either cant find any cracks or serials to unlock this. If anybody gets please email me at my private email address which is

2004-07-29 07:54:14


hopster is nice but the free version isnt' that great. if someone found a key, please email it to me:
Http-tunnel was also good but the free version is mad slow.

2004-07-29 06:08:06


I need hopster plus and due to lack of age I can not buu it.

I need crack

2004-07-28 21:38:44


I need to download hopster but my sys admin blocks access to download it if you know a way to get it help me out.

2004-07-22 20:15:59


to remove the advertising window just minimize it and it will eventually dissappear.
If MSN cant be used with hopster you could try Trillian, another way to log onto the MSN network.

2004-07-20 15:08:52


Hopster is good but I don't like hopster's Advertising window.Who know to remove it please tell me.Thanks

2004-07-17 03:34:07


HTTP Tunnel client is the best thing that is out there by far. You may get it at

2004-07-16 13:25:26


hi,can i use hopster for bypassing "Websense" ?

2004-07-15 14:32:06

Shaikh Taimur Lateef

Hi everybody.


The software is currently in an "Open Beta" phase, so you can download it and use the service absolutely free of charges.

One drawback is it size thats around 26 MB but its the greatest thing on earth right now ;)

2004-07-13 20:55:01


downloaded hopster but don't know how to use it to

2004-07-13 11:14:22


for those who can't see traffic on hopster n getting some error.....Try download n install Freecap on
and go to its setting and put in its proxy and 1080 as port. Also add Yahoo messenger into it and double click Yahoo messenger icon in the freecap dialog box. and login

2004-07-13 10:57:02


for those who can't see traffic on hopster n getting some error.....Try download n install Freecap on
and go to its setting and put in its proxy and 1080 as port. Also add Yahoo messenger into it and double click Yahoo messenger icon in the freecap dialog box.

2004-07-13 10:37:45


hi guys,
i hav installed hopster n it is allowing me to looged in on Yahoo messenger but whenever i wish to move into a chat room it doesn't bring the only says "getting rooms from united states". But no room list is fetched......
plz help!!!!!

2004-07-09 01:00:24

Marco Freire

Hi Guys.
I use hopster some time.
Some times Sys Admin, finds out about hopster using some ports, and they block that ports, and hopstar stop working.
Resolution: Reinstall hopster, that it will automatically find new open ports.
MSN Messenger Problem: I have the same problem. it gives me the 0x8100036f error, but it is easy to resolve.
Resolution: Connection Configuration "Socks5 - Server: Port: 1080". When the error occurs click troubleshotting, accept the permission, and start the network exame, then when you see starting the connection "Heads moving" Quickly cancel the trobleshotter and sign in emedietly. And MSN Messenger, start to work.
Download Software that i use: Kazaa, Direct Connect (DC++), BitSpirit, iMesh.

PS: I Hope this post help you. Sorry the English. i'm Portuguese.

2004-07-03 10:02:23


tnx luke

2004-06-29 08:52:09


Hello I have a problem. I don't know how to configure the Outlook Express with the Hopster(I think it is beautiful). I think it bypass the proxy because I can access to all pages in the web but the Outlook Express dosn't work, also I can't download files from the web, and the ftp service dosn't work. I would like that you can help me because I think that exist a way to configure it.

2004-06-29 05:01:08


i want to block hopster through isa is anyone know please mail me on my email=

Thank you

2004-06-22 18:41:05


Hi, i need de hopster registration code or something like that, can you help me? Thanks , please mail me

2004-06-15 20:04:40


How do you get Hopster to work for WinMX?

I've gone in to change settings in WinMX, but nothing happens.

2004-06-11 03:22:20


hi i need an ID for hopster or its crack if anyone got one email me at

2004-06-05 11:15:25

just me

I'm on a skool comp behind a fire wall I've been tyrin 2 get msn ...I downloaded hopster and have changed the proxy settings and everythign but there's no traffic still can't use currently using e-messenger but it's totally crap!
If there's any hints on by passing the surver and gettng msn from behing a fire wall plz let me know....(

2004-05-29 20:38:11


Hi. Anyone knows a bypàss for windows nt such as hopster for w98, w2000, wxp?
Thanks for any help.

2004-05-28 19:58:54


hey u guys out there dying to use msn messenger behinda firewall. thought hopster dosnt not seem to work every where.. i suggest u touse this web messenger instead.. its doesnt have toomany good features that an msn messenger has..but this is enought for chatting .. !!
this is a web messengerand does upport onlymsn !!.
hope this is useful as an alternative..

2004-05-24 20:53:14


I got a lan internet connection and i wanna use dis 2 open msn messenger cos at the moment it says cant connect to .net services. so can someone help me. I know my brother on his pc has got a firewall and i cant get through.

2004-05-13 03:39:35



2004-05-10 07:35:02


for P2P try imesh instead..

2004-05-10 04:16:10

penjaga hatimu

i use hopster n it works but in 5 minute my pc crash and not responded eventually i restart my PC again. how to make it be stable? does anyone may help me to give some account of hospter plus? please email me at

2004-04-27 23:24:35


i can't use the hopster. I have installed it but there is no sign of working of it .
No sent or receive trafic.
please help

2004-04-23 17:40:44


cannot conect to P2P servers and IRC at school its all locked!! iv tryed hopster and doesnt work! i dont know how HTTPort works can anyone help?

2004-04-23 14:30:36


You do realise the exact point of a firewall is to block stuff...

2004-04-22 06:20:40


hopster works at yahoo messenger OLD VERSION I THINK 5.5 and lower

i tested it and it works!! with webcam and audio!!


2004-04-21 18:46:59

Scorpion Shetty

Bloody hell, my sysadmin has even restricted the downloads, so i cant even download any application. Is there a site which would help me download, bypassing the fire wall.

2004-04-20 11:37:39


Same. Seems like Hopster is blocked by ISA Server. Let me know please if anyone finds the workaround. My e-mail is muneebs (at)

PS: Replate (at) with @.

2004-04-14 14:02:07


im useing hopster and i can connect to windows messenger but not msn messenger, it says i cant log into .net messenger at this time, try again later. 0x8100036f ive been trying for days and still no good. if you have a solution email me at

2004-04-14 08:13:52


i can't use the hopster. I have installed it but there is no sign of working of it .
No sent or receive trafic.
please help

2004-03-28 18:25:48


How will i know that Hopster is already blocked? i am confuse becoz i can connect in Yahoo messenger but not in MIRC.can anyone help me with my problem..Pls email me for my query at

2004-03-25 02:43:40



Our administrator seems that blocked already the Hopster.'coz i cannot connect in MIRC though i can connect to Yahoo messenger..How will i know that Hopster is already blocked? i am confuse becoz i can connect in Yahoo messenger but not in MIRC.can anyone help me with my problem..Pls email me for my query at


2004-03-24 17:12:01


Hi i need a User account number voor my hopster
Does someone has one Thats not been used please mail me thnx

2004-03-18 10:03:49


You need to set the proxy settings in your MSN messenger to on port 1080 (SOCKS protocol) to get this to work

2004-02-28 02:06:46


Pls help!!! After I installed the hopster and although it is ready. I still cannot connect to my yahoo and msn messenger! May I know how to solve this? I have set the Hopster Proxy settings with my current company proxy setting. But, still cannot work. Pls help!!!!

2004-02-21 19:39:58


hello frenz.. i have also used the hopster release 9 and it works well. Our sys admin has not yet caught us.. !! but the problem i'm having is that i dunn have the serial or crack to update it to PLUS version so that i can spped up my d'loads and avoid frequent dissconections. It now d'loads just at 2 kbps .. :( ... plz hep me if u can providing the serial for it .. if u can.. If u need any help regarding any issues regarding cracks, net ,etc. plz feel free tomail me at my mail ID. thnx..

2004-02-13 01:25:09

sweden owns

I know how to bypass it n00bs its easy...... hopster is a lame azzz program try insted.

/////"mess with the best die like the rest"\\\\\

2004-01-24 20:25:36


te admin discoverd it and blocked it, its such a waste! but good untill its discoverd..

2004-01-24 02:08:42


hopster doesn't work for me either and i'm mad cause i need a way to keep in touch with my friends if anyone reads this and has any ideas PLEASE EMAIL ME

2003-12-10 21:35:39


Same, the sysadmin just blocked the proxy and hopster went kaput.

2003-08-27 09:35:32


Nonsense, this tool is good UNTIL your sysadmin finds out, it seems that they have blocked this program on our network so it was a waste of money buying this piece of software

posted by Robin Good on Monday, June 30 2003, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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