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Saturday, June 28, 2003

How Are Communication Agents Different From Those Who Publish Blogs?

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Communication Agents have some special advantages: Not only they have an effective publishing system and a personal guide like me as their personal partner, but they also follow a specific pathway that guarantees them some unique critical traits that differentiates them sharply from any other Web publisher, journalist or blogger.

Communication Agents have a unique profile and a set of peculiar characteristics that differentiates them from all other online publishers:

a) They do not write and post just about anything that comes to their mind: they have a MISSION. And they go about defining it as best as possible and then about attacking that issue from all possible sides until the originally defined goal is achieved.

b) Communication Agents link-up, match and sync with other like-minded people from all over the planet. They do so via informal social networks like Ryze, Ecademy Friendster, LinkedIn, MeetUp, FriendlyFavors, Huminity, INWYK and other emerging instances of Augmented Social Networks.

c) I work and coach each one of them as my own partners. They use me to brainstorm, refine, identify and conceive new articles, point-of-views, design choices and visual solutions. I am their private, friendly webmaster coach. We have a training partnership in place and their success is also my own; from all points of view. We meet online and off (when possible) and talk and discuss about the solutions and strategies to be adopted in each one CA project.

d) Communication Agents learn how to utilize advanced communication techniques and methods to stay on top of the news they need to attend, without having to read 25 newsletters a day or needing to go to check individual updates at many different personally selected Web news. Communication Agents use Intelligent Information Agents which are tools that allow them to be the first ones to know what is really happening without ever moving a finger.

e) The exposure and visibility the are able to attain is outside the reach of most Web publishers, webloggers and other independent writers. Communication Agents tap into all of the most advanced secret doors to get inside syndicated news feeds, major news aggregators and the new emerging noosphere. Their content appears on major Web sites around the world without them having to move a finger to achieve this.

f) Communication Agents have a marketing power that is unparalleled by other approaches. The marriage of quality content and an ethical key message/mission make for Communication Agents to be uniquely powerful vehicles for carrying important messages (like the one of yours of " to help a child find his inner *talent*) that can help other individuals:
- become more aware of key important issues they are ignoring,
- take back their initiative and capacity to use it,
- initiate action for change in a great variety of modes and under a very specific area of focus.
As when Madonna matches a quality groove with an ethical message (something Michael J should have done long ago) or as Bob Marley did throughout its entire music career, the bond created between them and their audience is not anymore one of simple superficial affinity. It is a bond for an ideal, a human quest, a new way of looking at things to be shared. Music, and other forms media capable of taking side on strong human issues will gain a following, "listening" audience, much stronger than anyone multi-million dollar campaign by Procter&Gamble can build.

g) Communication Agents are not spiritual missionaries that pray for peace and advocate love among mankind. Communication Agents are brave individual communicators, entrepreneurs and small to medium organizations who have at heart the well being of this planet and of our human race. Communication Agents believe that by following and putting into practice a growing organized set of "making waves" steps they can achieve incredibly effective results in relatively very little time.

h) Communication Agents understand the issue of sustainability and like to have increasing resources to finance their communication projects and to help other new talented communicators get on board as well. CAs operate by adopting and utilizing new economic infrastructure systems like micropayments, PayPal like alternatives to traditional bank options, barter and exchange systems. The CA Initiative has also devised an enticing opportunity for ethical sponsors and funders to make their generosity available to talented CAs or to topics and issues deserving particular attention.

i) Some CAs like also to make money and become more independent of their present customers while getting their hands dirty with this wonderful activity. The CAs Initiative allows them to do so, as the incredible amount of valuable, focused content they publish provides opportunity for the development of corollary publishing, educational, research and information awareness projects that can provide a significant business-oriented income to each one of them. Proofs are in place so you need only to look to see that this is more than possible; it is indeed a lost opportunity for anyone not seeing it.
The age we live in is an age where continuous learning is evidently required to remain competitive, sustainable, self-sufficient. If Communication Agents can provide even 1% of the quality knowledge and guidance each one of us needs you can see that there would be several millions of opportunities for skilled CAs to be not only sustainable but rather quite brilliant and successful business outposts.

j) Communication Agents breathe, understand and are part of Bala Pillai mind ecosystems vision.
By all means these ecosystems are dynamic, small networks that form spontaneously around key issues and areas demanding significant change. The ideal Communication Agent perfectly embeds Bala's concept of a "cross-media evolution of the non-violent warrior and violent pacifist Gandhi and communityness activist". Mind ecosystems are self-sustainable and so are CAs. CAs do form "ageographical villages for shared-ethos groups" around key social, economical, scientific and other fundamental issues required for effective sustainability and evolution of mankind on this and other planets.

Communication Agents ARE the dots pulsating and sending signals between individuals minds all over the world. They are the ones whose connections are bold, emitting a lot, and with information flowing smoothly and rapidly like inside cholesterol-free arteries.

Communication Agents create greater opportunity for the spontaneous formation of mind colonies by enabling knowledge, information, insider resources and data, personal expertise and know-how as commercially viable instruments of exchange, partnership promotion and commerce.

Please see the work that Sepp, Chris and Ivan have been doing in the course of the last three weeks and get an idea of what Communication Agents can do, even in such little short time.

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Grillo Parlante

The above short essay was written in response to a private message from Ryze fellow networker Suhit Anantula who wrote to me yesterday:

> Robin:
>Stop surfing, start making WAVES! Now that's something.
>I would have replied to you sometime back but for the questions that you >have raised.

>Firstly, I am happy to be in contact with you. I will be attaching a profile mine >at the end of the message.
>Thanks a lot for giving me an open offer of help. I was touched. I do have a personal mission - that of to help a child find his inner *talent*, nurture them along with the liberal arts education needed and then add skills to it and hopefully at the age of 12-15 he will be still in sync with his talent.
>This is like the quote of Picasso - Every Child is an artist, the challenge is to remain so when he grows up".
>My other goal is to be an *Entrepreneur* and I find myslef adding value and >satisfaction to myself and make a difference to society in this role.

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2003-07-02 01:43:29

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2003-06-30 21:21:04

Suhit Anantula


I am overwhelmed. Here I was just reading through your various articles - basically following my intuition in selectin the various section/articles - and I stumble upon this.

First, it was a good article and it helped me your goal of what a CA and also how it fits into Bala's Mind ecosystems. The first strike came when you gave the example of the "inner talent of the child" and i was anazed that you used my example. But at the end of the mail it was a real shocker. Thanks for all the time spent on reacting to my mail.

As I have already said - count me on as your CA.


2003-06-29 20:39:31

Luigi Bertuzzi

Can this help placing Communication Agents (CA) in a web based context and progressing the description of their role?

- Blogs, Wikis and Knowledge Building - 2003/05/31.html

link found in ....
SmallPiecesLooselyJoined Web Archive

would-be-CA (when the context is right)

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