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Thursday, June 26, 2003

Communication Agents: My 10 Personal Reasons

"If success or failure of this planet and of human beings depended on how I am and what I do,



R. Buckminster Fuller

If you stop long enough to seriously think about the possible answer that you can give to this one, you engage in one of the noblest activities life avails to man: checking your ticket for correct seat number and right destination.

Who are you? What are you here for?

The ability to question what would otherwise be given for granted and the awareness of your ability to take true initiative to affect positive change are at the heart of my upcoming announcement of the Communication Agents Initiative.



The Communication Agents Initiative project reunites several personal dreams of minein one coherent framework where I can share and provide others with my best skills while doing the best I could have ever dreamed of achieving in terms of doing something that is also "Good" for this world.

In the arc of the coming days I will be gradually exposing, one step at a time, the whole project and what it offers to each one of the great communicators for change among you.

For me, the Communication Agents Initiative is an ideal opportunity to realize and harmonize a large number of needs and wants that many of us are forced to compromise, sacrifice, step on or altogether forget. The tragical awakening is that there is no apparent ecosystem in our present society for achieving them.

Here are the reasons for launching this Initiative and a tentative list of the things that this project will allow me to realize.

1) Being an independent human being. Not needing to "prostitute" my talent for project and endeavours which I do not share, support, believe in and that I may even personally oppose.

2) Doing what I like to do best. Search, explore, test, innovate. Organize, select, match, order, design, showcase. To remain a skilled master at many arts I need to exercise all of them fully while learning new ones.

3) Make a living while doing something that is good for others as well. This is a great, much desirable and unparalled reward. Seeing others rejoice because you have provided them with guidance, hospitality and the right tools to get the job done is as elating as seeing the tangible fruits that these Agents can create.

4) Helping others realize their dream of a lifetime. Helping others reach their goals resonates with my social nature and makes me realize my role as an agent of change. It is also the pleasure of doing work that is not done ONLY for the financial gain it provides.

5) Learning an incredible amount of very valuable and hard-to-get-to first hand information on breaking best practices, tools, techniques and methods that make communication an effective change enzyme of our time.

6) Networking and getting to know many like-minded people from all parts of the world, operating in my same areas of interests. Individuals who want to leave a mark, a ring of smoke, a new vista point. I am rewarded when I can facilitate networking among people interested in creating such change.

7) Breaking out of the rat race.
Improve the world around you and add real meaning to your existence.
Make a real difference in your preferred area of human endeavor.
The satisfaction of having done something great for you, and for others too is just too good to be passed up.

8) Making a difference in those areas of life that are closest to my interests and passions. Feeling that I am making the best choice to make your fellow friends start to open their eyes and ears as well as for some more important changes affecting all of pur start to take place.

9) Learning more and gain unique knowledge by implementing emerging communication concepts as well as tools that unleash the effective potential of the Internet, networking and social change.

10) Sharing my know-how. If it is true that we are working toward some common objective, it's about time I hand out some of my tools and best know-how to those I value to be my best complements and allies. I am very happy to offer my service to those of you who are eager and brave and who seriously want to bring about positive change, better understanding and innovation.

...and satisfying Bucky Fuller question in very practical terms.

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