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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Conversational Blogs Feature Consensus Building

Luigi Bertuzzi suggests:

"had this post been titled "Conversational Blogs Feature Consensus Building" ... the Request (or Requirement) List could be the outcome of a collective decision making process.

A requirement list which is not the byproduct of process work can be obtained from surveys and questionnaires.

However, people contributing to the results of a survey take no commitment to support the initiatives which may be triggered by such results.

An unsupported initiative - in this case: the integration/development of a Weblog/CMS online personal publishing system - would not be sustainable.

To achieve the *opening of a real dialogue between the publisher(s) and the readers*, the deployment of Weblog/CMS web sites should be agreed by parties who are willing to share a common working language.

The last of your listed features should in this case come first: a form of *sustainable* social networking, triggered by a Terms of Reference document drafting initiative, to clearly outline what the Network Scope and Objectives would be ...



Once such a document is online ... and is part of a Weblog/CMS prototype environment ... social network would-be-members could be invited to negotiate their prospective commitment to the Scope and Objectives it lays out.

I know it's more easily said than done. My interest for this post of yours, and my (tentative) registration as contributing editor of a multilingual web site initiative, motivate a trial and error approach to get going the Network Terms of Reference way."

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2003-07-11 06:44:07

Zig Zag

QFL Question For Later

Can one see and describe the difference between a *Communication Agent* and a *Communication Platform Provider* ??

If yes, i'd like to call myself a (would be) Communication Agent

Keep up the good work ... but give yourself a break .. form time to time :)

Zig Zag

2003-07-08 16:44:58

Luigi Bertuzzi

Robin, this is to inform you that i've tried to reset my approach to a Communication Agent experience ... it looks naive .. I know, but i have a *user* interest in consensus building; i'm not a techie .. nor a web designer so: shows how far I can go using Mozilla Composer and tries to deliver a message ..

the zigzag test i'm linking - based on wikis - is just a test ... and i'm afraid the server i've been using may not be the right type of environment ... so i'm prepared to restart my wiki experiment .. if and when i can get some feedback on my upfront statement of intent ..

i'm giving myself a grace period of 15 days .. before deciding that i'm just wasting my time and .. wipe everything off the web ..

Ciao :)

Luigi/Zig Zag

2003-06-26 11:39:38



an Italian version of this post is now available:

it's an experimental multilingual website .. with template problem fixes .. and an Italian interface localization "facelift" ... pending

the *comments* link works better than the *cont'd* link ...

the website pages are optimized for a Mozilla browser ... i have experienced and reported problems with IE 5.5 .. and they were sorted out

i'm sure you appreciate the positive side of this *need for improvement* ... when it comes to *unlocking human potential* ...

(message rushed in by) Luigi

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