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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Software Can Save Trees

Communication Agent Chris Gupta takes the ball and runs with a wonderful ecosoft story on an environment friendly tool that adds smart, useful features to your standard printer.

Here what Chris had to say in his most recent post:

"I think this is an important piece of software that no one should be without, I have always been concerned about wasting too much paper when printing. Only if we could:

· merge & print multiple jobs together

· easily preview print jobs and eliminate unwanted pages on the fly

· scale larger paper on standard paper

· print multiple pages on a single page

· do double-sided (duplex) pages

We could easily save more than 50% of the paper and toner,storage space and, over time, a good number of trees.

All of the above and more is possible with the following software:


Check Chris Gupta's Share The Wealth web site or read on
here to find out more.





I have tried this at home, work and elsewhere and can tell you that it is all that it's billed to be. Go to the home page to see what all you can do. You wont be disappointed!

Given that this is a win win proposition for the environment, cost and storage reduction, I am recommending that all try this even you don't intend to buy it.

The best part is that you can use the trial version for up to 8 pages indefinitely, which in most cases will be enough for the majority of non professional printing needs (if you print 4 pages per page then 4x8=64 pages can fit on just 8 or 4 double sided pages! or 640 pages on 80 or 40 double sided pages if you use the full version)

Great for the books from Soil and Health Library and else where unless you are fortunate enough to be able to read directly of the net, which of course won't use any paper in the first place!

Chris Gupta
Share The Wealth

Robin Good's
Communication Agents Initiative

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