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Thursday, June 19, 2003

Make Your IP Invisible To Anyone

How To Protect Your Privacy (And Your IP) While You Surf
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Stay Invisible is aimed to secure you from revealing your IP address to unauthorized users or to anyone who can be interested in it (and note that there might be hackers among them)..

Privacy Online
There are pieces of information you provide Internet servers with that can be available for other people without your agreement and even without your knowing. Among such data the IP address is the most critical one.

Anonymous Proxy Servers
Anonymous proxy servers hide your IP address and thereby prevent your from unauthorized access to your computer through the Internet. They do not provide anyone with your IP address and effectively hide any information about you and your reading interests. Besides that, they don't even let anyone know that you are surfing through a proxy server. Anonymous proxy servers can be used for all kinds of Web-services, such as Web-Mail (MSN Hot Mail, Yahoo mail), web-chat rooms, FTP archives, etc.



Why Should You Use Anonymous Proxy Servers?
Any web resource you access can gather personal information about you through your unique IP address - your ID in the Internet. They can monitor your reading interests, spy upon you and, according to some policies of the Internet resources, deny accessing any information you might need.

You might become a target for many marketers and advertising agencies who, having information about your interests and knowing your IP address as well as your e-mail, will be able to send you regularly their spam and junk e-mails.

A web site can automatically exploit security holes in your system using not-very-complex, ready-made, free hacking programs. Some of such programs may just hang your machine, making you reboot it, but other, more powerful ones, can get access to the content of your hard drive or RAM. Everything a web site may need for that is only your IP address and some information about your operating system.

The Solution
Using an anonymous proxy server from you don't give anybody chance to find out your IP address.

Two possible alternatives are offered:

1. Anonymizer - a pay proxy server with plenty of features. Effective for personal use, when your Internet activities are not involved in very active surfing, web site development, mass form submitting, etc. In short, Anonymizer is the best solution for most of Internet users. Ultimate protection of privacy - nobody can find out where you are engaged in surfing.

Blocks all methods of tracking.

URL Encryption protects you from your own ISP.

Web Based - does not require any program installation or a configuration on your computer.

2. A Stay Invisible Small Proxy Listsmall proxy list is also a good place to start with if you are a novice.

Costs are:
3 Month Subscription
Regular Price: $19.99
Special Price: $9.95
1 Year Subscription
Regular Price: $49.96
Special Price: $29.95


Readers' Comments    
2012-07-22 18:03:43


Look guys. I don't know where you people are getting your information. I have seen these: hide your IP sites everywhere. Here is the truth. I can type in one line of code at the command prompt, and see anyone's true IP, with location, on this planet. So can any hacker, so can any web site, if they really want it. There is NO way to hide your true IP Address, regardless of how many proxy servers you go through, or what software you use, if someone really wants it. So get over it. No software, or program, or proxy can hide it, period. Don't believe you can, or what you are told. It is a lie. And if I can get your IP. It doesn't matter if you got your ports closed, or stealthed. I can open them from here. I can get in, and can then send a bomb to your Hard-drive, and fry the boot sector, or steal anything I want, shared or not. You really want to stay safe on the Internet. Turn off your Internet connection when not in use, stay away from porn, hacker and hack chat rooms, ISO, Chinese, Japanese, and all middle eastern sites. Someone on these sites are waiting to turn your system into a botnet to be used for another hack project, and don't piss anyone off like me on youtube twitter, etc., that knows the real deal. Hide your true IP? BS, That is the truth.

2004-04-28 19:42:16


man most of you are perverts man get a life!

2004-04-23 15:27:39


i want to see sites with women with no clothes tell me how pls

2004-04-23 15:07:16


Hello. If you want to hide your IP so that it appears you are from somewhere else and to get past local goverment restrictions, you can use an anonymous proxy from
Some of these will be slow or dead so test different ones.
To set your proxy in Internet Explorer: (Broadband)

Click the Tools menu and choose Internet Options
Click the Connections tab
Depending on the version of IE you are running, you may have to click the ADVANCED box in order to enter the address of the proxy server and the port number. Use port 8080 or 80 for HTTP.
Click OK on all dialog boxes to complete the process.

To set your proxt in Internet Explorer (Dial-up)

Click the Tools menu and choose Internet Options
Click the Connections tab
Now look for the Settings button (not the Lan Settings). Click it.
You will see another dialog box called "proxy server" which has a checkbox for "use a proxy server." Check that box, then click the ADVANCED button. For HTTP: enter the proxy address and port 800 or 80.
Click OK on all dialog boxes to complete the process.

I hope this is of some help.

2004-03-08 22:40:57


in my country (saudi arabia) always coverd sex site so pls. i need a strong proxy to open it .
thanks and regards.

2004-02-26 08:23:23


make your IP address look like your elswhere

2004-02-15 17:36:43

Robin Good

Here is a great resource for proxies and other resources to make your Internet surfing anonymous:

Free Proxy Server List

2004-01-23 12:39:04

in united arab emirates the government disable any sex web and i tried many ways but no results each time i face proxy from my local giver(PROXY.EMIRATES.NET.AE)
and i want strong proxy to open any sex web
thank you

help me p/s.....reply please explain process

2003-12-10 07:24:28


Hey Robin, Fantastic information.

I was wondering........... How do I do in order to make my ip look like i am somewhere else.

Let's assume i am using a PC that will show my IP is from or in Chile and I either want it not to show it or to be invisible. Or, what do i do to make it look like i am using an ip from UK or US for example.

Did I explain it well?.

Is it possible.

Thanks a million.


2003-10-11 10:27:28

Robin Good

Dear Mohammed,

when you want to access certain sites without revealing your IP to anyone you can use:

This is a daily updated list of really functioning free public proxy servers plus proxy related information and tools. This site is aimed to secure you against giving your IP address to anyone who can be interested in it. Free.

Anonymizer allows you to surf the Web without the worries of being tracked or to expose private information. This is a commercial product.

c) or any one of the many Web monitoring and tracking services contained in Robin Good NewsGod Mini-Guide. See more info at:

Let me know if any of these solves your problem!


2003-10-10 22:52:26


in Saudi Arabia the gaverment are URL any sex web
and i want strong proxy to open any sex web
thank you

2003-09-27 04:28:18


free proxy good!


2003-09-15 21:45:19


I was banned from an internet game by mistake. I cannot contact the game administrator, and I need a way to enter the game to get around the ban. Please help? He banned the ISP, which i suppose is different from the IP? Thanks!

2003-06-24 16:50:44


pls.sent to me strong proxy.

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