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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

What Is A Content Management System?

"I've been busy, and worried lately... I've been researching Content Management Systems.

Almost every news and corporate webpage uses a CMS.

It's basically an Operating System for a website.

It's an interface between person and code.

It lets non-geeks edit the content of webpages. They can post text and images and change colors and stuff.

This site uses the Xanga CMS. It lets me edit my site from the web... I don't run any software on my PC. I run software over the net ... right now I am using a text editor on a computer in New York. I am running the text editor on that computer and I view the results over the web.

Anyways, a CMS lets dummies edit a webpage.

You can use it to write a blog, like this, or to support communities of discourse like Almost 1 million people have reviewed a prof on that site ... and the site runs itself, it doesn't require a web designer to update it.



CMS's are basically low-level AI (articial intelligence) that can perform the labor of a web-designer. All the designer has to do is install one and the users of the site can run and maintain it."

From Samarajiva Weblog

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