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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Let The Maps Be Different And Varied

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I started reviewing the Communication Agents Initiative and got bogged down by only one issue.

This is the whole broad premise that an agent of change is advocating the same changes that you are.

At Delphi we used to provide hosting to the Green party and we could see where that kind of assumption regularly sabotaged their efforts. There was an assumption that "if you are good person, concerned about the environment and about justice then you will obviously agree with us on everything."

Then when they later discovered that everyone was writing their own version of the Green party platform, and that those platforms diverged significantly, they spent valuable energy on internal squabbles trying to resolve what their beliefs were.



I consider myself to be a Communication Agent, but I am sure that the changes I advocate differ from those of other Communication Agents.

Perhaps it's safe to say that the people we are addressing are looking for ways for our economies and institutions to be much more independent of the oil companies, and that certainly includes me. But even there we would find lots of divergence about things like assignment of responsibility for the problem and effective means of solving it.

On other things there would be much less consensus.

For me, a pressing societal issue is the dominance of a few large companies over the data formats and software tools we use to communicate with each other.

But unless I'm mistaken that doesn't appear to be so important to you.

What happens when one Communication Agent takes a strong stand on reigning in the Islamic fundamentalists they believe are supporting terrorists, another Communication Agent takes a strong stand in support of Israel, and a third takes a strong stand in support of the theory of non-Islamic conspirators behind recent acts of terror?

I think my business nemesis, Bill Gates, has established himself as a hugely effective Communication Agent in a domain that we both probably support, namely healthcare for the world's poorest people.

He did that by deferring much of his altruistic impulse while he made the money with which to later change the world.

Result: he is really changing the world in a way that you and I can only imagine.

As a business person he is just too ruthless to be allowed to work in civilized society, in my opinion. As a Communication Agent he is spectacularly effective.

So this is an argument for us to focus on the pragmatic.

Can you imagine the influence we will have when the world turns to us for guidance, tools, building materials etc. for its collaborative environments?


Wes Kusmaull

Identity is the Foundation of Security

Here is Robin's reply to Wes:


We are in perfect harmony and so is the project.

There is no need to be all in agreement at all nor to have the same views on how to go about dismantling, reforming or changing this or that. It is really about having the tools and understanding to first match up with the right people in a fraction of time, and second, to have the skilled mindset and communication toolkit to expose, suggest, propose, call to action, design and paint new maps around us.

That the maps maybe different and varied it looks to me as only a plus.

Thanks for your wonderful feedback.
I am delighted by it.

Looking for your authorization to publish.
I am ready to click.



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2003-06-18 07:41:30

Luigi Bertuzzi

it should not be impossible, however, to conceive of a sharable mission/purpose which is not objectionable because of creed, vested interest, and so on ...

think of ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) ... what if the Web becomes progressively perceived as *a language* ... ?

achieving anything on the Web is going to be a hell of a job .. if one doesn't make some progress with her/his WSOL .. beforehand.


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