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Sunday, June 8, 2003

Safe P2P File Sharing Without Spyware

The first one in a long series of low-cost great-content Robin Good's Mini Guides is finally available!

Free P2P File Sharing Without Spyware

Robin's new 65-page PDF Mini-Guide provides all of the information you need to better understand what are the issues facing downloaders of Kazaa, Morpheus and similar tools, and how to get around such problems.

The issues of anonimity, privacy protection and defense from spam and spyware tools that are invisibly installed on your computers is treated in detail providing a comprehensive list of spyware and of the applications that install it.

I have held no punches and l have reported here all of what I have found out in my research and testing.

If you want to share files, music or other documents online without incurring in legal liabilities and avoiding invisible tracking software to be installed on your computer you cannot find another guide like this.

If you need to find out where to download Kazaa Lite or need to understand better what spyware is and what it can do to you, I have collected here all of the info you need.



Updated to June 1st 2003, this Mini-Guide is available now for download at a special introductory price of only $ 9.99(valid through June 30th).

Order your copy now.

Readers' Comments    
2006-10-11 00:02:14

If your lookin for a safe program, dont download anything that you can download games, zip files, ect.. the only safe programs are the ones you can only download music and video's on like soulseek. winmx was a good one but i think its still out of comission.

2006-01-03 07:32:14


Spyware is something that is to be avoided at all costs. if you do happen to get spyware/adware on your computer, there is still hope.

Spybot S&D

Those two programs are free and probably the best spyware removers on the net. As for prevention, get

Norton Internet Securiuty

it can stop .exes from accessing the internet without your permission and has virus protection also.

2005-11-24 00:57:36


Okay if you want good software without paying, download the trial version, then go to somewhere like (Making sure you arn't running anything stupid like IE (Because we all know how *Great* MS is...)) I suggest DC++ as a good one most of the files are good and the hub idea is great because you can ban users who don't apply to the rules (Making sharing fake files or wrongly named files hard) but I would say all in all Support LimeWire (as it's the only main P2P program that works well with Linux (Though you do get people renaming files) or DC++)

2005-10-09 21:15:03

bada bing

limewire pro, azureus bt client, shareaza, dc++, is the best

2005-08-01 18:10:51


Get DC ++. Period.

2004-10-23 14:24:54


Legend: RockItnet contains spyware and is definetely not recommended.

Piolet apparently contains spyware that you can opt-out of, but user reports say it installs it anyway.

Rockitnet & Piolet = Avoid.

2004-08-27 03:37:06

Bill Berditzman

Get WINMX. No Spyware. The more the merrier?

2004-08-06 18:27:51


I agree! At first Kazaa was harmless to my computer (or at least I thought it was). Then my Internet got slow and changed my default settings saying that I might have spyware or adware and that I need to buy some kind of anti-spyware or adware software. I'm in 7th grade so where would I find the money to purchase such things!? Not my parents. Finally I talked my dad into buying Spyware Exterminator but that sucks too and it got so out of hand that I had to replace my operating system and I lost everything. Please help me get a better downloading software without spyware!

2004-05-25 11:40:49

Legend Killer

Kazaa over all is bad news. Any p2p can download spyware and tracking software onto your machine. I list the webs safest p2p programs as listed by veteran p2p ificianados on the web

Kazaa lite resurection
Softgap- Ares

Anyone that can think of anymore be sure and post them. We really need good p2p sites we can jam on without having to worry about spyware.

2003-06-26 20:09:28


Humm 9.95 to do something I can do for free. if anyone wants to know how to do all this for free just go to my site and post a comment under this topic. I'll hook you up with whatever you need as far as info goes. Bah .. 9.95 and you call yourself Robin the good.

2003-06-04 17:56:17


Isn't avoiding Spyware as simple as:
a) downloading Kazaa lite; or
b) downloading Kazaa and saying 'No' to everything offered; then deleting anything you couldn't say no to; or
c) downloading Limewire as is; or
d) downloading any of these programs then downloading and running ad-aware.

2003-06-03 08:46:22

Incognita from Rome, Italy

Oh that price is so inviting....

Just to give you some background on my choice, which will probably give you insight on how other people can make their purchase decision.

Scenario 1
Title: Two hearts, one computer
Starring: Antonella, Cécile

Provided Wind/Infostrada/Telecom do the job for which they're paid for (ggrrrr...), I should be having ADSL at home in a few days. Cécile is
eagerly looking forward to downloading stuff from the Internet: she's not an advanced user but a very fast-learning one as well as being equipped with a wild sense of curiosity for all things Internet (due to closeness with her flatmate, I suppose...)

She's enthralled with Limewire, just because a couple of her friends told her about it. But I'm sure she'll soon find out about other P2P networks.

Now, she'll be downloading anything on my computer, the one where I keep the story of my life. That's why I want to know more about spyware and privacy.

It's her running wildly on the Net, it's me who cares about the data and the computer.

Considering the low rate of typical families in Italy, and the high frequency of unmarried people getting together to share a flat (e.g. university students, young professionals, gay couples, sfigati e basta, etc.), I reckon that there might be more people in a similar situation who can be interested in buying the report.

Good luck Robin!

posted by Robin Good on Sunday, June 8 2003, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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