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Thursday, June 5, 2003

Interconnected Intelligence - Build Identity and Trust into the Architecture of the Internet

Planetwork - LinkTank White Paper

Could the next generation of online communications strengthen civil society by better connecting people to others with whom they share affinities, so they can more effectively exchange information and self-organize?

Could such a system help to revitalize democracy in the 21st century?

This is the focus of a fascinating paper by Ken Jordan, Jan Hauser, and Steven Foster and which you can access the abstract now at:

The paper proposes the creation of an Augmented Social Network (ASN) that would build identity and trust into the architecture of the Internet, in the public interest, in order to facilitate introductions between people who share affinities or complimentary capabilities across social networks.



The ASN has three main objectives:

1) To create an Internet-wide system that enables more efficient and effective knowledge sharing between people across institutional, geographic, and social boundaries.

2) To establish a form of persistent online identity that supports the public commons and the values of civil society.

3) To enhance the ability of citizens to form relationships and self-organize around shared interests in communities of practice in order to better engage in the process of democratic governance.

In effect, the ASN proposes a form of "online citizenship" for the Information Age.

Download PDF of the full White Paper on the ASN

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