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Tuesday, June 3, 2003

Robin Delivers The Goods

Robin Good's Official Guide to SOHO Web Conferencing and Live Presentation Tools is an invaluable resource for both users and vendors.

What separates Robin's analysis from others is that he focuses significant attention on answering the question 'Why would I want to use this tool?' as opposed to 'How do I use this tool? (though he ultimately answers both thoroughly).

Robin is also more of a humanist than technologist. This, too, separates his analysis from others since Robin focuses on how the technology can used effectively by his SOHO audience, as opposed to being easily impressed by features and functions that might not be applied practically in everyday use.

If you're a SOHO user investigating your web conferencing alternatives, this is a MUST read. If you're a vendor or investor in need of assessing the web conferencing market, this is a MUST read. If you're hesitating purchasing this Guide, don't.



With this Guide, Robin Good more than delivers on his promise of transferring the wealth of ideas from the rich multinational corporations and organizations, and providing them to the 'poorer' members of the SOHO market, who simply need to focus on getting more done, in less time, and at higher profit margins. In this respect, Robin simply delivers the Goods.

Richard Eckel
VP, Marketing Communications
Groove Networks, Inc.

SOHO Web Conferencing Guide

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