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Saturday, May 31, 2003

Share The Wealth

"Share The Wealth" is the title of the weblog that Chris Gupta will start making available any day next week on issues covering health freedom, alternative medicine and energy, and much more interesting stuff.

Chris Gupta is based in Canada and he is an electrical engineer by profession while he also does fibre optic design. Chris has a special love for electromedicine and nutrition and has enjoyed designing and building ingenious electronic devices.

Chris Gupta is one of the three first Communication Agents that have positively responded to my offer and that have taken the courage to jump beyond their fears of technology related issues to extend their reach and to communicate more effectively to a larger, interconnected audience.



In the coming days I will be announcing, one by one, the Web address of these three new sites where Sepp, Ivan and Chris are already working hard at taking to the net my initial call.

Stay tuned.

n.b.: The image is courtesy of the CANALI PHOTOBANK archive. A free copy of my new Mini-Guide (Safe P2P File Sharing Without Spyware) to the first who guesses painter and title of this masterpiece. [Post it here below in the comments area]

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