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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Ready To Sail - Communication Agents Pilot

Less than 48 hours have passed from my original invitation to an open group of already active Communication Agents I have received several positive replies and have effectively recruited and setup two of them on-board.

Josef Hasslberger and Ivan Ingrilli will be the first sailors in this Communication Agents adventure.

Both are active communicators involved in supporting free health freedom initiatives and action. Sepp will actively targeting worldwide awareness and initiative, while Ivan will address specifically the Italian consumers.

They have already successfully completed their first round of tasks and within 24 hours they will be posting online from their new tool.

What have these two Communication Agents done so far to prepare themselves?



1) Identify a tagline, a short slogan, 4 to 8 words that helps the user identify at-a-glance what the site is about.

Sepp chose:
"Networking For Health Freedom Worldwide"
Ivan chose:
"Liberta Di Scelta Per La Propria Salute"
(Health Freedom Of Choice)

2) Write a one-paragraph introduction to the site to appear on the home page of their mini-site.
(They are still working on this one).

3) Select a second tagline to utilize at the bottom of all the pages on the mini-site. This is like a complementary motivator, reminder, call-to-action. They have selected one but will be able to change this along the road to fit their needs as they change.

Sepp chose:
"The individual is supreme and finds its way through intuition"
(which he was already utilizing in his personal email signature.)
Ivan chose:
"Il corpo e' l'arco, la mente e' la freccia, TU sei il bersaglio"
(The body is the arc, the mind is the arrow, and YOU are the target)

4) Choose two images. One that represents you, the Communication Agent. As you don't need to put a photo of yours, an image that would well represent you would also do well. The second image should be more inspirational and metaphorical and will appear on top of the posts on the home page of the mini-site.

Here is what they chose.


5) Identify the key categories or "action verbs" that will characterize your news, posts, articles and calls to action.

Sepp chose:
*Health alternatives
*Environmental pitfalls
*Behind the "pandemics"
*Health legislation

Ivan chose:
*Medicine Alternative
*Veleni Farmaceutici
*Protezione dell'Ambiente
*Legislazione sulla Salute
*Amore Per La Vita

6) Create a "bio" or profile page online, that will be later used as your About and information page.

Sepp, did an excellent job at:

In a few hours I will have everything ready and working for them and tomorrow I will guide them through an online session to show them exactly what to do.

I can't wait to see their first post. Make sure you come by here tomorrow to get the link to both Sepp, and Ivan new mini-sites.

Please give them your very best encouragement. They need it.

Readers' Comments    
2003-05-28 17:00:56

Josef Hasslberger


find here the introductory paragraphs for the site. Hope they are not too long.


This site is intended as a vehicle for achieving health freedom.
That's freedom for you and me to choose what kind of medico or other health practitioner to consult, what remedies to adopt for prevention and cure, what nutrients to consume to stay healthy.

There is a trend to limit health freedom, promoted by multinational chemical/pharmaceutical interests clearly in contrast with our personal health strategies. Chemical poisons are in widespread use in the environment. Pharmaceutical drugs are sickness (symptom) oriented and will only "sell" if there is a suitable pool of patients/consumers. Competition to pharma dominated medicine from natural remedies, nutrients and from a variety of alternative medical practices is unwelcome. International and national legislation to curtail health freedom is being discussed and is promoted as a way to "protect the consumer".

However, there is an even more sinister aspect - the commercial imperative to actually create sickness or to prevent known cures from being applied. We see such a trend in the "pandemics" of AIDS, Cancer, and more recently SARS. We also see increased use of chemical poisons in agriculture and other areas of our daily lives. It is my wish to provide information so you can act.

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