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Sunday, May 25, 2003

The Coming of Communication Agents - The Offer

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Hi to each one of you, magic messengers of our time.

Here is Robin, and I have something interesting to tell you.

I am not here just to add up to the ongoing noise.
There is a lot of information to digest and a lot to learn to make this world go where we want it to, and I am indeed aware how each one of you is already doing a great deal to help in this direction.

You have not only been passing critical and hard-to-find information to the friends in your network, but you have also proactively invested your time and best energies to write, explain, summarize and facilitate other people understanding of the issues at stake. Have you not?

I have thought of you, and of specifically the five of you, Emma, Chris, Tjarko, Ivan and Claudio, because I saw firsthand how dedicated and passionate you are to the mission you have chosen to follow. Your integrity and desire to help other by passing on, exposing, and pointing to hard-to-identify alternative resources and solutions is very valuable.

Your stories and your messages are very special to me and the reason that I am writing to you is because I, want to further help and support you in the above efforts.

No, I am not about to make a sale or to suggest you sign up for a new online service.

Sorry, but I am going to disappoint you on this front.

What I want to offer you, is entirely on me. It is part of my unique luggage of communication tools and solutions which is now mature for people like you to use for a Good end. I have started playing with this tool/approach a few years ago (1999), and since then I have much learned and understood how effective and far-reaching can be.

That is why I decided to make this my perfect complement to my "communication agents" efforts. What I mean is that by providing access to this technology and way of communicating and interconnecting with others I realize my need to document and support the actual road to be effective Communication Agents, which is what I offer my readers. So, if I can proof it on real communicators, I have something Good to share and reports to others.

Here is what I have in mind:

I would like to offer a facility, accessible directly from your computer (PC or Mac), that would allow you to publish your ideas, commentary and exposes with complete immediacy and ease of use on the Web. It is a private page you access online with a secure password, and that allows you to write an article or a commentary, with the use of links and images if you need, and to post it online for all to read at the click of your mouse.

No servers to worry about, no FTP, no Geocities or Tripod accounts with ads everywhere, no HTML coding to learn, no design to worry of, N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

No technical issues. You need to worry ONLY about writing about the things you know best. Things that will make your network of readers think, question, and act intelligently to change our present world situation.

I know as a writer, how difficult it is to block or hold an inspiration for a piece, or to maintain the same level of understanding and vision for a complex subject you need to report about. Yes, I take good notes, but the ability to write the article, comment or editorial in the moment that the idea strikes or that you land on the news page that carries a critical story is absolutely invaluable.

Being the publisher of the very rich monthly newsletters (MasterMind Explorer, and MasterView International) I well aware of what it takes to write articles, reviews or actionable invitations when under pressure or in need to complete something before a deadline. This is not in fact the best way to operate for us.

I have noted and seen many times over how the ability for people like us to be able to jot down a story, revise it promptly, and shoot it out to our targeted network of friends and partners is so elating. It is so, because that bridge and that message need to be closed and delivered almost in real-time. And you can feel that. When we are timely and when we are to the point, we are MOST effective.

There are important "memes" going around the interconnected intelligence networks that we are very much part of, and being able to be embedded in such communication networks and having the ability to infuse new information and to support strong ideas and solutions as they emerge in your noosphere is really what we need to do more frequently and efficiently.

So let me sum it up:

1) You are not dreaming.

2) Yes, it is a Sunday, but I am fully aware and sober, so what you are reading is not a joke.

3) I am offering you the opportunity to publish on the Web your best ideas, commentary and messages with complete immediacy, total ease of use and one-click publishing (from your Mac or PC).

4) I am not asking anything in exchange but your seriousness in using this tool once I set it up for you (for free).

5) Your writings will appear in a Web page with your name and a slogan/ tagline you are to choose.

6) The design of this page is fully on me. Though you may not like this, I have no other way to keep this opportunity free of problems and development issues. Again there is no cost for this.

7) Yes, I will support you so that you can start doing this with maximum ease, peace of mind and clear instructions. Unfortunately there is very little to learn. All you need to do is write good stuff, the rest pretty much takes care of itself unattended.

8) If you don't like it, don't need it, oppose it, or plainly do not want to hear about this anymore, you are still fine with me and I will not insist.

9) If you do use it and comprehend the importance for you to extend your reach and potential as a critical Communication Agent of our time, then you can count on me and all of my staff to be part of your assets too.

10) Time for activation is basically zero.

The design of the page will much reflect the one of one of these examples (that is, no fancy design, no special navigation, and your Brain thoughts out there in front of everyone). Though the topics may not correspond with what you will be writing about, you can see some examples at:

How to Save the World

Lawrence Lessig

Dan Gillmor

if not this very page you are reading online now (probably with much less noise on the side columns and a complete focus on your thoughts).

Imagine the added ability for you, while running into some critical story online to select it, and post it immediately, as is, with your own commentary next to it (and with all the credits and linking done for you)!

In view of what John Hammel, Emma's, Dr Rath, Tjarko and Chris have been trying to achieve, this would appear to be the so-called "manna" coming unexpectedly from the sky.

Unexpected? Too Good to be true?

Unexpectedness and rapid change are the fine traits of the times we live in. So let there be no surprise, but only opportunity for you to move to the next stage.

Why am I doing this?

I am doing this because you are the best people I know that I can empower to SPECIFICALLY prevent the EU directives to take away my vitamins and natural remedies from my shelves and from the ones of my friendly health food shop. This is now a very real and tangible threat to our individual freedom to choose our own way to live and cure ourselves.

I am willing to stand to oppose this clamping down on my personal freedoms and this is my pragmatical action to do something about it: give power to those who will use it best and in the direction I want.

I have been deeply touched and motivated to act by the two open letters that John Hammel and Dr. Rath have recently made public.

I am doing this because I believe in the power we hold as communicators to change things before it is too late. It is all about other people learning and discovering what we already have found out. It is not about taking down something, but it is about coming up with something.

I have dedicated many years and resources to share and help people learn and communicate more effectively with new media technologies. So I am not new to this type of action. This is only more focused.

I want, in good substance, to empower those Good communicators that like you have a "voice" that needs to be heard. I and many others need to hear more of your voice and of what you see, hear and discover before us. We are all unique MasterMind Explorers and we have a duty to report to our fellow brothers and sisters what our discoveries are.

As you have shown to be very Good at this, I thought of sharing and providing you with rocket missiles and anti-gravity propulsion mechanisms that I had sitting in my closet.

If we are working toward some common objective, it's about time I hand over some of my tools and best know-how to those I value to be my best complements and allies.

Where is my gain?

My gain is knowing I am doing the best I can, to augment the opportunity for this interconnected network of intelligent minds to bring about dear, deep change and evolution to humanity on this planet. This is my only hope and reward. To see you cranking out all of your best ideas and thoughts finally unrestricted by technology burdens, delays, having to delegate and having to put with tools that make life miserable instead of a joy.

I am here waiting to read your email, your thoughts and whatever else you may want to say about this crazy Sunday morning offer.

Let's see what they say.

..And if you too are interested in becoming one effective Coomunication Agent, just drop me a line through the comments link here below.


Readers' Comments    
2005-08-20 11:47:53

Robin Good


the project keeps going and I am adding new communication agents to the group.
Steve Bosserman, authoring a new blog called "Diary of a Knowledge Broker" is starting this week, and Tom Atlee's "Evolving Collective Intelligence" has been up now for quite a few months.

The active group is now made up of five sites which you can read together by going to:

For anyone interested in becoming a communication agent, the only key requirement is committment to sustained and quality postings.

2005-08-20 08:35:48


What is the status of this project? Are you adding
any more "communicators"?

B Ferrell

2003-06-30 20:17:17

Suhit Anantula


What you are doing is simply great!!! You have already awakened me - so to say - by posting to my Ryze page (

Having gone through your question I have been determined to Blog and follow my personal mission and in the meantime document it. For this I changed from Blogger to which incidently I found through one of your posts.

I have read your post Communication Agents: My 10 Personal Reasons and it is simply superb. The depth of your understanding and the clarity of your goal is *missionizing* me.

I want to be part of this and will shortly send you the list which you have asked for.

Thanks a lot for what you are doing. It certainly provides direction and change for me.


2003-05-27 14:26:54

Dr Robert Verkerk

Dear Robin

I just wanted to let you know that I have received your message from one of our key collaborators, Josef Hasslberger. We’d like to commend you for your insight and generosity for making available the platform to publish ideas for stimulating world change, including ways of preventing the swallowing up of nutritional medicine by pharmaceutical interests.

I am the Executive Director of the Alliance for Natural Health, the pan-European campaign organization set to directly challenge the Directives. Josef, Emma and Tjarko are just a few of the people who could make very valuable contributions. You may be familiar with Paul Taylor, to whom I have also copied this email; I believe Paul and the others to which I have copied this email could add a lot too.

If you haven’t already seen it, you may find information about our campaign on our website ( of interest. We are looking to have as many people as possible join/partner the so that we can build the support (including financial) required for a legal challenge. Your website could be an important vehicle to help with this.

I look forward to collaboration with you in due course, and again I commend you for our forward thinking and generosity with regard to the cause.

Kind regards

Rob Verkerk

- - - c o n t a c t - - -

Dr Robert Verkerk

Executive Director

Alliance for Natural Health

t +44 (0)1252 371 275

m +44 (0)771 484 7225


e (personal)


"Working cooperatively to ensure access to safe,

effective and innovative dietary supplements"

2003-05-27 13:04:06

Robin Good

Dear Sepp,

thank you for your kind feedback and for providing me with the info I had kindly requested from all of you.
Tagline and Categories you have submitted are just fine.

For the pictures let me explain more of what you need to give me.
The images I need will be displayed on your mini-Web site just like my personal photo and cube-cylinder-pyramid are displayed on my home page at Those are the sizes. You don't HAVE to put your photo. That is NOT a requirement. But you need to put an image or a symbol that well represents you or what you have at heart. (I am speaking of the image to go in place of where I have mine). The other one can be another image that is complementary or alternative to the other. It can be anything of your LIKING. You must like it when you see it. It does not have to have an EXPLICIT meaning. It must reflect where what you cannot put into words really is. So I suggest to use an image, any image, that you are really inspired from (eg. the SOHO satellite image, peace flag, etc.)

The images you have submitted are a bit difficult to comprehend unless they are displayed at fairly large size. They do not convey an immediate thought, feeling, myth or metaphor to mind. The image should therefore be simple, easy to scan and comprehend at a glance (a butterfly), and should have these qualities also when it is small. I am sure you can finally put to use some of that beautiful pictures captured with that monster digital camera you have got. Now is the time to use them. Look in there (it can be the hand of Susy painting a vase as well).

Sepp, I will now setup your space with those characteristics and will look forward to receive some other images as well from you.

I am also looking forward to hear from Tjarko, Ivan and Chris. But you will find out as soon as I do.


2003-05-27 12:28:12


Hi Robin,

you said to do three things with regard to your invitation.

1) A tagline. I would say

"networking for health freedom world wide"

or if we want to (for now) limit our area: "Networking for health freedom in Europe"

but I would prefer to have an open ended line that permits us to include others. The attacks on health alternatives are world wide and not limited only to the EU.

2) Categories of interest or action verbs... I would suggest five broad categories which can easily accomodate our major areas of interest in this health freedom battle...

Health alternatives


Environmental pitfalls

Behind the "pandemics"

Health legislation

3) Pictures - maybe I'm not understanding exactly what it should be - a picture to identify the whole site? Emma made some good ones and we could promote her as an artist, linking to her art site as an acknowledgement. She sent you two pictures I read some time ago, and here are another two.


2003-05-27 09:12:08

Robin Good

Dear Chennoufi,

thank you for your kind contact and questions.

I am doing a pilot project to try to empower a small team of Communication Agents who would be reporting, publishing and exposing issues that relate to the change and evolution we believe is necessary to bring about on this planet. The people I have selected are already very strong Communication Agents as they engage daily in passing over selected information, writing commentary and articles on hot issues and thorny political topics. These people are all liberals, progressists and they do not stand with either the left or right political forces presently at work in most of the Western world.

To read and understand more about what we are trying to achieve please see:

If you can prove, show or share some information that tells me you are in the same league as these people, then let me know now. If not, you are still welcome on board, though I will not be able to sponsor your total needs and I will not be able to assist you in the details.

What I meaning is that you can tune-in into the daily instructions I will be sending out to my small Communication Agents team and just pick whatever would work best for you. The information is free.

What the selected people will get that I cannot give to you is my direct support and the fact that I will set-up and configure their starting mini-web site without them having to worry about anything. For all others I will always provide some alternative solutions so that all reading can benefit.

How does that sound?

Robin G.

2003-05-27 07:15:18


Hi Sir Robin, thanks for that!
Well, I'm interested.
What would using your publishing tool give Candida International precisely?
I am living in Tunisia, also interested in becoming one of your effective Coomunication Agent.

Please give me your ABC tools to start....

best regards
anouar chennoufi

2003-05-26 17:18:56

Emma Hollister

Hi, thanks for that!

Well, I'm definitely interested. Talking of computors I'm in the process of changing my computor karma.

David my boyfriend unplugged it just as I was sending a heavy mail. Email totally up the spout. Lucky I've just got my hands on a laptop, just yesterday! Phew! I would have been up shit creek if I'd had no way of emailing at this crucial time of urgent email exchanges. Can you send me an ABC of how to look into this thing?

Thanks Robin, your a gem to want to help me.

Love Emma xxxx

2003-05-26 13:41:32

Ivan Ingrillì

Hi All!

Here I am!

I wanna be part of your project, I would like to be an effective comunication agent :-)

Thank U Robin!

Ivan Ingrillì
La Leva di Archimede

2003-05-26 11:56:41

Robin Good


let me try to make sense of what I am proposing to you as well as addressing your specific concerns.

You write:

"What would using your publishing tool give Candida International precisely?"

My tool would help you across the board of your interests and not just specifically for Candida International. What the tool would do best is to allow you to have an output channel for your ideas, messages and calls to action that is as direct as it can be and which does not require you anymore to have a webmaster.

So you would not use the tool to peddle your products but to speak in your own voice about the issues and things that are at heart to you. In this way, not only can your ideas reach many more willing allies but your network can grow faster in the public appreciation of where you are standing.

Once again, one thing is to take the decision to write an article or a report, prepare and then lay it out and post it online, one other is one of catching news items as they break on your CNN web site or inside your email and post them on this personal space with your commentary, reflections or by bridging multiple ideas and concepts that you can pull together.

I need people like you to become aware that this ability of yours to see beyond what others can see, and to synthesize, report, expose, investigate and story-tell, is extremely important to society today and it must be put to Good use now.

You say:
"I am desperate to sort my sites out.

I have a lot of changes i need to do and loads of images to add to Art Margin aswell."

If you will allow yourself to play and enjoy this tool and publishing approach of mine for just enough time, you will see for yourself how this modus operandi could actually SOLVE ALL of your issues above.

You need though to give time to yourself to swim in these new waters without traying to classify or categorize this new thing with something you already know. Let it sink without restrictions. Allow yourself to see where it benefits you and how you feel best at using it. As I will be guiding you step-by-step, this will not be a difficult task.

You say:
"More than anything I need to understand computers more and how to be a webmaster because i haven't got one! I'm stuck and buggered."

Emma, I can tell you now that you DON'T NEED TO UNDERSTAND COMPUTERS and you DON'T NEED TO BECOME A WEBMASTER because I have already solved these issues for you. Do you need to be a mechanic to drive your car?

What I making available to you requires no technical knowledge on your side outside of being able to type text and click "post".

Emma, you are a communicator not a mechanic.
Let's use your communication talent while minimizing the technology factor that you need to deal with.

That is my challenge. To make it as simple as possible to you and to have then a happy-ending story that I can tell others to facilitate them in taking this very same path.

You say:
"Snowed in with work, possibilities on the horizon for help with translations.

I need to get my act together, make some money, sort my financial chaos out and make some postcards of my art work to promote Art Margin, Candida International and La Leva.

Would your stuff help me in any way with this?"

While my solution doesn't put order in anyone private life, it can indeed help give your activist voice more weight and much more reach. It would also allow for you to learn a new way of micro-publishing, and once you have used this enough and followed the path we are embracing together you will see automatically how fitting this will be in supporting and facilitating your need to maintain and feed several Web sites without having a webmaster. This is exactly where I am going to take you.

I would be happy to clear whatever other doubt or question you may have.

Thanks for asking.


2003-05-26 11:38:21

Robin Good

Thanks Tjarko, Emma and Sepp for responding positively to my invitation.

My first message to you is: chill out. Relax.

I am going to make this a pleasant journey in which your major efforts will have to be:

1) think up a tagline (you may already have one that you are using) that I can integrate in the mini-Web site I am preparing for you. 5-10 words will be more than enough.

2) select the "categories of interest" or the "action verbs" under which you want to publish your ideas, exposes, reviews, articles and calls to actions. For example you may have a set of categories like:
Alternative Medicine
Orthomolecular nutrition
Stop EU from taking our vitamins away
and more. I have no limit to impose you on this, though I suggest between 4 and 12 categories as a good start. it depends how much ground you normally cover and how able you are going to be to fill in all those holes.

If you like to use "action verbs" that can work very well to, as it will entice more action-oriented responses to your posts.
Action verbs can well categorise informaton you publish; here are some samples:
*Learn from alternative health sources
*Question mainstream media
*Discover new ways of healing yourself
*How to prevent the EU from banning vitamins
*Understand what pharmaceutical companies do
I am sure you can be much more creative.

3) Select and send me a picture of something that will symbolize this space where you are ging to write. It can be the photo of a house, a flower or your nice picture when you were 15. Any of the above is more than acceptable. If you feel you are a good candidate to show your face as is, that is also fair. I just need a picture file of any size, resolution and file format you want. Just send it over to me.

That is ALL of the work you really need to do for now. Three, simple, creative things.

On the other hand I am preparing your mini-Web site and as soon I have your feedback I will make you fly.

In re to Emma questions I am addressing them one by one in a separate comment.

Thank you


2003-05-25 22:45:14


Dear Robin,

I am happy to have gotten a copy of your generous offer to Emma, Chris, Tjarko, Ivan and Claudio.

I would certainly like to be part of this "experiment" as well, if we may call it that.

Time is ripe, I believe, to take a step into the unknown territory of new communication tools, which have evolved since the time e-mail came into our lives allowing us to be much more connected and effective than ever before.

I will pass your message on to a few more people who would perhaps be interested in taking you up on your offer.

Kind regards

2003-05-25 17:38:57

Tjarko Holtjer

Hi Robin,

Thank you for your kind offer - I am using an Apple Macintosh and want
to give it a try...
Like I am always doing from my website

There is nothing wrong on letting our voice be heard on the internet..

Kind regards,


Can these people be trusted? I doubt it - just found it on the net..:

2003-05-25 16:08:05

Emma Hollister

Hi Robin, thanks for your very kind words of encouragement.

What would using your publishing tool give Candida International precisely?

I am desperate to sort my sites out.

I have a lot of changes i need to do and loads of images to add to Art Margin aswell.

More than anything I need to understand computers more and how to be a webmaster because i haven't got one! I'm stuck and buggered.

Snowed in with work, possibilities on the horizon for help with translations.

I need to get my act together, make some money, sort my financial chaos out and make some postcards of my art work to promote Art Margin, Candida International and La Leva.

Would your stuff help me in any way with this?

Hope you can help, love Emma xxxxx

I need to ask you a few questions

posted by Robin Good on Sunday, May 25 2003, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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