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Saturday, May 24, 2003

Draft Your Communication Agent Profile

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"Each of us has a calling - the reason why you are the one out of 500,000 sperms that made it through the risk-laden journey and why the other sperms did not make it. " (Bala Pillai - Mind-Ecosystems)

To enable others to rapidly and easily match and find YOU among millions of other individuals it is highly important that you develop a good, detailed profile of yourself.

Without this, searching and identifying YOU by your expertise, connections and interests maybe highly difficult.

Thanks to Bala Pillai here is a draft blueprint for a networked Communication Agent to facilitate search matching, filtering of your identity specs inside the emerging interconnected netowrks of like-minded people.

Communication Agents profile
Draft 1.4 May 24 2002 by Bala Pillai

1. What's Bala's mind like?

Nature Lover
Liberty Lover
Ecovariety Lover
Online Community Strategist
Social Entrepreneur

2. What I pursue

Lifting Cultures (South/Southeast Asia in particular)
Erumbugal (Cross-media networked cooperative for wired Tamils worldwide)
A Liberal Malaysia
Halls Without Walls
Cross-Media Networked Cooperatives
New Ownership Models for the Attention Economy
New Organisational Structures for the Attention Economy
Deatomisation of the Mind
Why the Tamil Sangam Ages Were Successful
Open Source Evangelism (Software & Content)
Logic & Rhetoric
Self-organising Chaos
Humane Economics
An Asian mindcosm
Digitally Enlightened World

3. Key Thought Sources (not in any order)

Thomas Jefferson
John Stuart Mill
Mahatma Gandhi
Mark Twain
Pierre Trudeau
Tunku Abdul Rahman
John Perry Barlow
Tamil Alliterators
Dalai Lama
Margaret Mead
Sun Tzu
Kahlil Gibran
Jared Diamond
Street People (yes tramps, beggers etc)
George Gilder
Thamil Innaiyam (tamil@t...)
Sangkancil at Malaysia.Net (sangkancil@m...)
Anthony Gibson
Joseph Goebells

4. My weaknesses

Pushing shit uphill (too slow at realising when to give up)
Mother tongue (Tamil)
Cannot work in a 9-5 job anymore
Lots of others (can't think of them right now)

5. What I don't like

Repetitive Tasks
Unexamined Minds
Tea-shop Socialists

6. My background

Ultra-wired (connectednessful), socially conscious entrepreneur, change agent and pro-self-esteem/anti-servanthood activist.

Tamil-Malaysian resident in Sydney, Australia since 1991. Born in a village near Seremban, Malaysia, Feb 28, 1958.

One of 8 children to parents, Mooka Pillai and Ponnammah. Parents moved to Malaysia from Trichy in the early 1940s. Father a farmer, turned grocer, taxi-driver, planter (rubber and oilpalm), entrepreneur and real-estate investor. Mother, grocer and homemaker. My character role model, even now, my mother died in 1988. Miss her presence - she communicated so much with silence and unconditional love.

Father lives in Seremban, Malaysia. We moved from a rural livestyle to a semi-urban lifestyle and often alternated.

2 brothers and 4 sisters live in Malaysia (mostly in the Klang Valley). One sister lives in Trichy, India.

Married with 2 children. Wife: Diana; Children: Uma Devi & Ratna Devi

7. Career Background

Pioneering Earthy Online Communities in Asia; Senior country and continental management roles in banking, finance, financial technology, media and emerging media at Reuters, DBS Bank and The Asia Pacific Internet Company (APIC).

Have worked and lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Charlottesville, Virginia; Boston, Massachusetts; Singapore; Toronto, Canada; Brussels, Belgium; Hongkong and Sydney, Australia.

Since 2001 Founder, Erumbugal

Since 1995: Founder, Thamil Innaiyam
Sydney Founder, Malaysia.Net
Founder, Sydney.Net (sold in 2001)
Founder, Asian Internet Marketing Community (dormant now)
Founder/CEO, The Asia Pacific Internet Company

1992-95 State of the Art Kids, Children's Publishing
Sydney Star Lazer - Asia-Russia Trade Consulting
FBMA Pty Ltd, Bidding for a National Data Utility
Network in Malaysia with the Australian Land Titles Office

1991-92 Reuters Australia & New Zealand (Online & Financial Services), Sydney Head

1988-91 Reuters Asia (Online & Financial Services), Hong Kong, Head

1986-88 Reuters, Toronto.
Global Product Manager, Risk Management Systems

1982-86 DBS Bank (Singapore's largest)
Project Manager, Global Treasury Risk Management Systems
Assistant Treasurer & Institutional Credit/Non-Credit
Relationship Officer, Correspondent Banking

1981-82 Systematic Business Training Centre, Singapore, Lecturer

1980-81 Osvar Plantations, Kuala Lumpur, Company Secretary

8. Education:
Informal Education: Lots of self-learning including one year hitch-hiking through 34 of the 50 states in the US (1979-80)

Formal: Bachelor of Science (Commerce) from University of Virginia, USA, 1976-79
Did part of but didn't complete a Masters of Arts in Speech Communications and Bachelor of Laws.

St Paul's Institution, Seremban, Malaysia 1965-1976
Standard 1 to Form Upper Six (Year 1 to 13)

9. Some Notable Achievements

(a) Responsible for most reported Internet story in Asia in 1996 for my Internet pioneership - the Mr Sydney 2000 story

(b) Honoured as "Innaiya Himayam" [Himalayas of the Internet] in the most popular Tamil TV talk show, "Naiyaandi Durbar" in Dec 2000, for my fathering, despite all odds against me, of wired interaction, connectedness, networked networking and mind mobility amongst Tamils worldwide

(c) Conceiving the world's first cross-media networked networking cooperative, Thamil Innaiya Erumbugal in June 2001. Was inspired by ants and ant colonies in my garden while I was in one of my regular "nature-details" gazing moments. It suddenly struck me that ants, with no government, no fate and no bank account to blame, had no problems with food and shelter. And that Erumbugal (ants in Tamil), would be the best metaphor to articulate a wired space of cooperating plus value and connections exchanging minds by weaving together the Internet, television, face-to-face and other media. That the payment system would be an attention and networked economy adaptation of Australia's Bartercard. And that we would spread the reach of the network via viral marketing.

10. Some Conferences Spoken at or Chaired

Stock Borrowing & Lending, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur (1987-9)
Securities Settlement, Singapore (1990)
ISP Strategies for Telcos, London (1997)
Internet Business, Kuala Lumpur (1996)
Secure Payment Methods on the Net, Sydney (1999)
Linking With Asia with the Net, Sydney (1996)

11. Hobbies:
"Work" and play have merged a lot. Other than that: Reading, Observing Nature details, Hiking, Climbing Waterfalls, Learning Tamil, Adventure travel, Observing People

12. Most favourite quotes

a) 90% of one's success today is the sum of (i) how one uses her brains PLUS (ii) how excellent one is at building relationships (Bala Pillai)

b) If ants, with no government, no fate and no bank account, to blame have NO problems with food and shelter, why should Man? (Bala Pillai)

c) If you have a problem and there IS a solution, why worry? If you have a problem and there is NO solution, why worry? (Dalai Lama)

d) Suppressio veri suggestio falsi (suppression of truth is suggestion of falsehood)

e) Never doubt the capacity of a few dedicated individuals to change the world: in fact, it is the only way it ever has. (Margaret Mead)

f) Some people change their ways when they see the light, most when they feel the heat (Caroline Schroeder)

g) For here we are not afraid to follow the truth wherever it may lead, nor to tolerate any error, so long as reason is left free to combat it (Thomas Jefferson, Founding Father USA and Founder, University of Virginia)

h) What you see is not the truth, though it may be (Bala Pillai)

i) The most important parts of knowing a tree cannot be seen -- eg its crown roots and the photosynthesis process (Bala Pillai)

j) Don't let schooling get in the way of your education (Mark Twain)

13. Most frequented websites

14. Contact details:


YIM (Yahoo Instant Messenger): *****
Phone: + 61 2 9498 ****
Fax: + 61 2 9818 ****
Street Address: 6* Cecil Street, ******, NSW ***, Australia
Snail Mail: P O Box ****, Lane ***, ****, NSW ****, Australia

I would suppose there is a lot more you can add here, but here above there is already a good starting point.

Share your ideas of how these profile could be enriched and made more effective by posting your ideas to the comments area here below.

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