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Saturday, May 24, 2003

Creating Actionable Synergies

Hi Robin,

while reading a newsletter of the alternative physics "Natural
Philosophy Alliance
" a point came to me.

One of the main if not THE main thing a Communication Agent is engaged in is "creating synergies" (between groups and individuals not previously linked and who maybe didn't know of each others' existence before the intervention of the Communication Agents.

I think this is a more expressive term than "networking" and it is a real creative activity, which should find expression in your action verbs on Robin Good's site, in place of your present categories on the left navigation bar.


Bala Pillai essay on Mind colonies and ecosystems says indeed:

A: Mind colonies are trust and spirit-rich, self-sustaining, cross-media networked mind cooperatives for shared-ethos groups, where full-time individuals catalyse minds in a mind-grid to learn, work, play and complement each other.

What are the most important imperatives in making mind colonies work?



A: (a) Shared-ethos (Common Purpose is *not* enough). Spirit. Passionate Catalysts. Legitimacy/transparency. Trust. Customer Intimacy. Courage. Chutzpah. A Complementing Mindset. Commitment. Strategic Change Agency Acumen. Process Savvy. Innovation Climate. Open-Mindedness.

(b) Grasping that 90% of the value of a person today is the sum of:

i) how she uses her mind *plus*

ii) how great sHe is at building actionable relationships

For more info about Bala and his vision please see:

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2003-12-24 21:39:15


Just thought you should know the true meaning of the word "actionable" before you use it to describe your product.
Please see

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