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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Entertainment IS Technology. Change Will Come.

DiaRIAA is a rich, up-to-date and insightful online resource for information relating to the growing distress of the music and movie industries with individual technology-based copying and sharing capabilities. DiaRIAA attempts to intelligently chronicle the attempts by the major labels to limit and restrict our rights to create, legally copy and share the music we own.

In the words of DiaRIAA's Captain Marc Freedman: "DiaRIAA exposes the abuse and folly of the music and movie associations and industries".

The site dedicates itself to advocate free music and to create a better and more equitable future for both artists and consumers, possibly without the need for middlemen.

For the ones of you who don't live in the US or are not familiar with it, the RIAA is the Recording Industry Association of America, the public face for the monopolistic record companies. RIAA spends huge amounts of money to spin PR, lobby Washington, and engage in various activities demonstrating its power, including:

* denying individuals their rights to use the media they own

* buying one-sided legislation (DMCA)

* spinning industry fraudulent behavior (price fixing)

* lying in public (blaming a drop in revenues on file sharing)

* litigating small tech companies out of business (Napster)

* leaning on big companies to serve as their private cops

* damaging public networks (inserting fake files), and

* stunting innovation.

The arrogant RIAA treats artists like slaves and customers like criminals, while the industry refuses to deliver what people want - value, selection, quality, and ubiquity. RIAA's heavy-handed efforts alienate consumers and discourage music lovers from becoming fans who spend money.

No wonder 50 million Americans download music from file sharing networks.

Entertainment IS Technology. Change will come.



At DiaRIAA you can find the top industry news (with direct links to the sources), articles, essays, liks to selected resources and valuable weekly commentary.

A free subscription to your weekly does of DiaRIAA is only one click away from the subscription box on the home page of the site. All news archives are also easily accessible from the main page and all contents on the site are searchable.

One of the things I like the most at DiaRIAA is the Hall of Shame and Fame, where failures, shameful recounts of what the media moguls have been working at all along are nicely juxtaposed with inspiring, effective and unstoppable truths about the future me and you are working at.

At DiaRIAA you can also contribute articles or suggest interesting resources or essays by alerting Marc.

Marc is doing an excellent job as a capable Communication Agent and my sincere compliments go to all of those, like him, take a solid stance in making sure that things don't turn out to be better just because it would be nice that it'd be so.

DiaRIAA its also the ethical arm of an innovative and highly interesting online service called P2PFiles. Under the principle, "to play the game the right, you have to get involved", whereby you cannot just do business for the sake fo your greediness only, but you work to provide a value and service to others. Marc Freedman has intelligently paired his ethical and innovative business idea (P2PFiles) with the need to bring about increased awareness, information and knowledge for change (DiaRIAA).

You can support directly Marc's excellent reporting, and action oriented activity by making a PayPal donation on his site. I attempted three times with increasing amounts to make my good action for today, but I was systematically greeted by a PayPal message stating (unfairly) that I did not have my cookies active. So Marc didn't get my donation but next time I see him I will give him what I have now saved in back left pocket.

Touched by my sad story, I have later convinced Marc via a string of emails to make all voluntary donators part of his Sponsors page, along with a short message and a credit line. In this way Marc acknowledges and rewards positive supporters while helping them contribute their message and ownership in this project. ;-)

Thank you Marc. I am with you.

Entertainment IS Technology. Change will come.

N.B.: There is a battle for consumer freedoms being digested by multinational commercial interests going across the whole world right now.

Even though music and movies maybe very close to what you care the most about, I am sure your health would not come much lower in your ranking preferences. Check out this breaking story, of what the interests of few can do to obfuscate and wipe the freedom of choice I thought we had acquired long ago.

Please check the amazing story of what is happening in Australia.

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