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Saturday, May 3, 2003

Communication Agents

Somebody just asked me: "Hey Robin, but what are these Sharewood Tidings?"

I replied: "The Sharewood Tidings news section is Robin Good's daily post about ideas, concepts, tools and resources that can get me and you closer to become the critical Communication Agents we have chosen to be.

Sharewood - The new virtual place where information and resources are shared without first considering what is provided in return.

Tidings - Insider information and Good news coming from Sharewood."

A simple romantic name gives me the greatest opportunity for spreading critical questions, ideas and Good news and resources through a real-time publishing channel like it was never possible before.

On a daily basis I point to, expose, uncover, call to your attention, question, unearth and report what are the tools and the means you must know in order to help yourself make the leap.

The leap is one to freedom and independence from mainstream, mass designed communication tools and techniques.

The dive is into new realities in which we can all network and collaborate easily to swarm in whatever direction we are seeking.

The final goal is becoming effective Communication Agents able to gather, filter, select best information and to edit it, design it and enhance it before disseminating and distributing it.

Spreading information should not be confused with sharing the news.

Communication Agents strategy is one of sending out intelligence information designed and prepared to motivate critical questioning, to spur strategic analysis, to increase personal awareness and to instigate action supporting the message being sent.

In this light, I, Robin Good from Sharewood, choose to bring back what is not evident, what is not popular, what may have escaped your initial attention.

Yes, you got it right. Robin Good is essentially on a search for what works when you need to communicate effectively. Communication skills, communication tools, communication ideas and resources.

By looking at how governments, large multinational corporations and advanced military apparati work today, one can learn a great deal about how to counter and eventually balance out any other communication message or force (given the presence of Internet as we know it now).

So what works to communicate effectively?

The answer takes a lifetime to be answered, and new ways and means to achieve it maybe forever available.

What is important is that what works in communicating effectively must do so without infringing on our rights to be respectful and supportive of each other.

What works must be able to do so without bombarding us with advertising we have not asked for.

What works must include and support independent, networked Communication Agents, entrepreneurs, small companies and individuals to create powerful synergies around the ideas and concerns they have closest to their heart.

What works must give more freedom to the individual and empower him to take action when he wants to.

As a Communication Agent engaged in designing a better future, you need to be in control of the communication and media know-how that gives you the ability to be fast and responsive in identifying valuable information from scam, critical news from propaganda and with the skill to boradcast and send out your countering vision and ideas to the many independent publishing networks available to us today.

The goal is one of selective and timely reporting on what REALLY works outside the interests of few and at the expense of the wealth and health of all others.



No matter where you operate, education, research, business, marketing, you owe it to yourself to be aware that it is our individual forces, one by one, though highly networked together, that can YET make the greatest re-evolution to happen on this planet.

No matter how you call this, smart mobs, networked contelligence, the army of bloggers and RSS users, change agents or social networks, the back of this medal has one clear sentence engraved in its back:

Communication Agents are coming.

Are you going to sit back and watch, or are you going to stand up and be one?

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posted by Robin Good on Saturday, May 3 2003, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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