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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

SPAM Blocking Networked P2P Tool Provides Effective Shield

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"Imagine, a spam message lands in your email, you click delete and it disappears from your Inbox - and the Inbox of millions of other people around the world. With SpamNet this becomes a reality, especially with the spamfighting community growing every minute."

Spamnet from CloudMark provides a very effective block against unsolicited commercial e-mails (UCE) by leveraging the power of distributed spam-fighters like me and you.

As new e-mail lands in your inbox it is matched and verified against the networked list of spam being sent out and if positive is immediately dispatched into a dedicated SPAM folder.

The nice aspect it is that you contribute directly to the creation of the black list by "tagging" through your "BLOCK" button inside Microsoft Outlook any evident e-mail spam message.

In my modest experience with it, the system is indeed effective and so far it has not produced any "false positives" by blocking out relevant e-mail messages coming into my inbox.

Spamnet is simple and straightforward to use. I was able to get it working for me in matter of minutes. The greatest satisfaction comes in seeing Spamnet in action. As new spam e-mails arrive in front of your eyes, you see them appear, and then...after a few seconds...magically disappear and move directly into the spam folder. What a view!

I would promptly suggest its use to any user of Microsoft Outlook, that like me is heavily infested by spam of all sorts.

Spamnet provides also great integrated help, online FAQ, support forums and tutorials. You are not left alone.

As of today (reported by Spamnet):
SpamFighters 404,926 Time
saved today (hrs) 9,322
Emails processed today 14,695,334
Spam caught today 3,355,903

With Spamnet everybody out here can truly contribute equally to make this virtual world a better place to live in.

Download Spamnet free for 30 days at: products/spamnet/download/

Highly recommended.

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