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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

How To Create A Personal Digital Noosphere

Creating Alternatives To Centralized Knowledge-Access Repositories

"The noosphere represents a new global consciousness. Sort of a Gaia theory applied to memetics. In the world of the internet, memes aren't restricted to individuals and their creations.
Memes now drift around in this giant collaborative environment."

Is Google my only door to access information that is available out there?

What Google does not see, I will not see. Though, that would appear to be relatively a small problem given the quality of Google indexes, the issue would arise if Google was ever to become inaccessible on some kind of permanent basis.

In such hypothetical situation, one would be hard pressed to find alternative ways to search and find critical information.

It would appear as a potentially devastatingly useful idea the possibility of simply leveraging two of the most critical components contributing to our building of a personal noosphere:

a) our personal exploratory and minute by minute online experience, the infinite history of Web sites, documents, videos, and other content we continuously go through in our daily use of the online virtual world.

b) our pre-selected network of information and communication agents, the ones that we refer, look up to, check upon and touch base with when we are looking for know-how, advise or simple inspiration in the activity we are taking on.

These two components could be integrated in a local desktop application capable of creating a local universe of content while leveraging both a P2P, "trusted" crawling approach and the global history of all the content we were ever to access.

In one direction each one of us could leverage her network of selected contacts, to systematically crawl the Internet to gather extra references to resources auto-filtered by your own network agents themselves (the people you rely on to find your own news).

In another we could leverage our continuous exploratory experience with information by creating an unlimited archive of all Web sites and online information we ever access.

Wouldn't I wish to be able to search backward across the ocean of Web sites I have gone through, including those that don't exist anymore? What value!

Every single page, photo, animation, sound I go through, I want it to be downloaded and to remain available to me. I want all of this content to auto-index around dynamic filters and keyphrases that I may change according to needs.

A personal digital Akashic record would be of extreme value both to the individual as well as to everyone else spinning off her network.

Many personal digital Akashic records interconnecting transparently with each other would likely provide a powerful mechanism for speeding up the fast evolutionary process taken place through communication by several orders of magnitude.



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posted by Robin Good on Wednesday, April 30 2003, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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