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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Global Consciousness

"The noosphere represents a new global consciousness (

Sort of a Gaia theory applied to memetics.

In the world of the Internet, memes aren't restricted to individuals and their creations.

Memes now drift around in this giant collaborative environment."

In his book "The Global Brain Awakens: Our Next Evolutionary Leap", Russell says that humanity has reached a crossroads in its evolutionary path.

Computers, satellites, fiber optics, video recorders and other technology, are the catalysts linking our planet into one, world-wide community - a "global brain".

This technology, combined with a human potential movement that's growing faster than the Information Age, is helping to create a collective consciousness that is humanity's only hope of saving it from itself. However, Russell warns if we continue on our current path of greed and destruction, humanity will serve only as a planetary cancer.



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