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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

"Formal" And "Passionate" Innovation In Interface Design Solutions

Mercedes Benz about/mbspecial_sprache.htm

The Tofte Project

Here are two interesting and very different Web sites projects.

Both offer innovative application of Flash-based technology to provide an audio-visual experience. While the first one is very traditional and approaches communication as traditional established companies have been used to, the second one is extremely innovative in its way of allowing the user discovery and understanding of the information presented.

Formal and sophisticated technological solutions in the first, ideas with a heart in the second one. Communication Agents, take note please.

( d/about/mbspecial_sprache.htm)

This luscious and very elegant interactive Web site introduces some interesting and innovative interface and navigation solutions. Accompanied by an effective music soundtrack several innovative design approaches are utilized to let the user explore and reveal information.

I particularly suggest a visit to the sections labelled: The new LS Class Innovation Safety Design

Unfortunately the site is too self-centered offering little opportunity for the visitor to contribute or accomplish anything valuable outside of learning about Mercedes-Benz history and products. For the value of the design involved and the cost it has likely afforded I consider a lost opportunity for engaging and opening ears and eyes to Mercedes-Benz highly intelligent customer market.

N.B.: The site is not to be accessed if you are on a slow dial-up connection.


The Tofte Project
( flash.html)

Architectural Activist Medora Woods has given her best talent in contributing to the concept, design and mission about this very interesting project about Sustainable Design. The passion for an idea and the involvement of a team of special people in the design and restructuring of a cabin on the shore of Lake Superior gave spark to this unique audio visual project.

A beautifully designed online story allowing the visitor to plunge into understanding where and why sustainable development and architecture need to meet.

Audio navigation is an effective addition.

Contextual maps and illustrations make the whole experience a unique audio-visual journey. Exploring the small visual map at bottom right provides clues and extra information about world resources and disproportionate uses of it.

The site well explains of how interconnected we all are and how important this is in creating the correct awareness for engaging in the process of building an harmonious world to live in.

Hats To Medora.

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