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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Effective P2P File Sharing Without Spyware

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Open Source Software

Overnet is an open source, cross platform application (Win, Mac and Linux) that allows you to share files with millions of other people across the globe.

According to InfoAnarchy, Overnet, the file sharing application based on the Kademlia algorithm*, has reached a number of 1 million simultaneously connected users.
(Please see: 2003/4/13/35255/4760)

Overnet is designated as the technological successor to the popular eDonkey2000' P2P file sharing application.

Overnet is not dependent on central servers, it will hopefully eliminate the problem of eDonkey server operators being threatened or arrested.

Slyck News points out that the "The combined strength of these two networks, which numbers well over 1.5 million, surpasses Napster during its peak. We're witnessing yet another example of the movie and music industry's absolute failure in curbing the P2P phenomenon." (

Clients are available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

You can download a free copy of Overnet at:

To learn more about the Kademlia algorithm, please check:

You can read the original post here.

Learn more about privacy risks in music and file sharing.



Readers' Comments    
2004-06-09 22:09:17


I guess you'r right. - i have been using overnet for some time but i now have evidence that overnet is a source of spyware. whenever i start ovenet my pc is infectet with CWS.SearchX.

i can clean the pc and run with no problems until i start overnet. - this may be a new "feature!" Google doesnt give anything .......

2004-05-30 17:13:10


Yeah. Cydoor IS spyware. When i installed the free OverNet client it installed IBIS toolbar, WebHancer and 6 other spyware apps on my computer.

I recommend to users that plans to install it: DON'T! There are MANY, and i mean MANY P2P clients that are better, MUCH better than OverNet.

2004-04-10 20:37:05


Why does overnet send data to cydoor technology?

I have cydoor's ip range excluded in my firewall (incoming and outgoing traffic)

Everytime I load overnet, it tries to send data (blocked via my firewall) to cydoor.

Is is spyware? I downloaded the newest version from overnet home page.

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