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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

3-D Visual Navigation Of Information Spaces

If you are not familiar with navigating information spaces here are a few directions to see some interesting cyberspaces.

These virtual 3-D maps allow full navigation of large information spaces through a three dimensional scenario.

These 3-D spaces are based on the Antarctica visualization engine:

1) Visualize/Browse/Search the Open Directory Project (ODP) ap=0;ms=10;xzwd=1

2) Antarctica Technology Powering an Interface to Canadian
Venture Capital Data ap=0;ms=10;xzwd=1

3) Visualize, browse and search the Stacks of Belmont Abbey
College start?ap=0;ms=10

3DNA - a Virtual World in place of your Windows Desktop There is also a new 3-D environment that creates and entire "virtual world" around your Windows system and your files and applications. Is called 3DNA and is available for a free test drive at: index.htm

A great article on this topic is the one written by Natasha Netschay and entitled: "A map is worth a thousand search results". Please see: infohighway/0303/03apr03.asp

Make sure you give it a good read as it contains valuable links to other very interesting information spaces.

Finally you can give a look to a few of my previous reviews on these interesting tools.

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