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Monday, April 28, 2003

One-Click Screen Sharing

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Online Service
starts at $ 19.95/month

Here is an online service that claims to be the simplest and most straightforward way to show live what is on your screen with others, remote colleagues, staff, friends or customers.

For example let's say you are a software company and you want to showcase to your customer how your application works and how to use it. Sure, there are plenty of Web conferencing and application sharing tools out there, but who wants to set them up, learn new interfaces and have his customer prepare for that?

Comes in Glance.

Glance allows you to show anything appearing on your computer screen with unmatched simplicity and ease of use. I must credit Glance for this. There is no other tool that is so immediate and easy to use to Web conference with others as this.

There are no menus, no controls, no options, nothing at all to worry about.

To start a session you simply click the Glance icon in the system tray and say Start a session. One started you need only to communicate a 4 digit number and your Glance URL (e.g.: to any contact to log in and see your page live.

Price to pay: Share anything on your computer screen but forget text chat, co-surfing, voice over IP, whiteboard, or any other feature. Glance does one thing only and it does it well.

With an invisible download of 25 KB anyone can connect and see my screen just like I see it here.

Though the technology behind it works best on high speed connections I have successfully tested Glance also on a dial-up line with effective results.

Linux and Mac users can see my screen too.

Netscape, Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Opera supported.

If you are showing your screen to mutliple simultaneous users, the speed of the slowest will determine the display speed for all others.

Color display is set at 8-bit or 256 colors, limiting the effective display of photographs and other similar highly colored content.

You need a phone line to talk. In favour of maximum simplicity and ease of use Glance does not integrate any extra feature outside the one click screen sharing it focuses on.



Glance costs $ 19.95/month for showing your computer screen (no matter where you are or which PC you are using) to one another person. For $ 39.95 you will get the ability to show your screen to multiple users simultaneously.

For more information check out

A free 1-day trial is also available here.

Nothing is simpler to use when it comes to showing your screen to others.


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