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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

SARS - Treatments Available And Cost-Effective

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Some Good news.

Chris Gupta writes:
"There are indeed available and cost effective treatments for SARS are not being used while an unnecessary death toll however, small or large shamelessly continues."

"Generally disregarded by Ontario health officials was the fact that the threat posed by SARS paled by comparison to other flu-like illnesses.

Tens of thousands of immune compromised persons died across North America in 2002 following flu virus infections (nearly 36,000 people in the United States alone that year) a death toll that barely received media mention compared to Toronto's press response following the official proclamations concerning the first few deaths from SARS in this city."

See the full story about the what may lie behind the actual SARS story.

If you have any propension for questioning the SARS media blitz and you are looking for effective remedies for it, check out the the interesting work this Canadian communication agent has prepared.

Listening to all the hoopla on pneumonia, West Nile virus etc. on the mainstream media and elsewhere would be amusing if it were not so serious to the infected.

The drugged (pun intended) so called medical 'experts' are so myopic that they can't see beyond drug based solutions.

Without even a shred of investigation (Oh yes - I can already hear their shrills now) one will be told the standard bull:

"if it worked we would know about it and we would be using it"

And they will go on happily in their ignorance, totally clue less to non drug based solutions - some that have been available for over 60 years.

If a treatment it is not patentable and profitable than it is ignored and the ignoramusess' particularly the mainstream medicine, governments (who literally work for the industry.

And the unquestioning, mainstream media continue to patronize the so called 'experts' and the pharmaceuticals.
Their justification? "If we do not support them then there would be no research and we won't get any new (drug) treatments." The fact that, even with nearly endless funding, we are at square one does not seem to phase them. Wonder why the medical costs are heading to the stratosphere? What a joke?"

So what are these non drug modalities?

A) Dr. Miley showed that ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy would quickly cure viral pneumonias'. (1)

He reported:

1. Complete subsidence of toxic symptoms 24 to 76 hours after a single treatment.

2. Disappearance of cough in three to seven days.

3. X-ray evidence of complete clearing of the lungs within 24 to 96 hours after a single treatment.

These results are confirmed by other researchers. (2) Dr.Miley remarked, "The relatively rapid disappearance of all subjective and objective signs and symptoms of pneumonia due to a virus seems significant, as there is as yet no other therapy capable of producing the same results." But in spite of these findings, this remarkable therapy was discontinued and remained dormant for 50 years!

1 Miley, American Journal of Bacteriology, 45: 303, June 1943.
2 Hancock, Northwest Medicine, 33:200, June 1934."

B) Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Therapy (Photo-Oxidation)
"The Cure That Time Forgot"

Robert Jay Rowen, MD

Here is a brief abstract of this book:
In the 1940s, a multitude of articles appeared in the American literature detailing a novel treatment for infection. This treatment had a cure rate of 98 to 100% in early and moderately advanced infections, and approximately 50% in terminally moribund patients.

Healing was not limited to just bacterial infections, but also viral (acute polio), wounds, asthma, and arthritis. Recent German literature has demonstrated profound improvements in a number of biochemical and hematologic markers.

There has never been reported any toxicity, side effects or injury except for occasional Herxheimer type reactions. As infections are failing to improve with the use of chemical treatment, this safe and effective treatment should be revisited. (Int J Biosocial Med Res., 1996; 14(2): 115-132)

Here you can have direct access to the full paper.

For more information on this topic please see:
"Into the Light"
by William C. Douglass M.D.

C) Most doctors are oblivious to Orthomolecular medicine...
Imagine no interest in a non toxic modality!
Now why don't I find that surprising?

For example:

Journal of Applied Nutrition Vol. 23, No's 3 & 4, Winter 1971 Observations On the Dose and Administration of Ascorbic Acid When Employed Beyond the Range of A Vitamin in Human Pathology - Frederick R. Klenner, M.D., F,C,C.P.

.."Ascorbic acid destroys virus bodies by taking up the protein coat so that new units cannot be made, by contributing to the break-down of virus nucleic acid with the result of controlled purine metabolism. Its action in dealing with virus pneumonia and virus encephalitis has been outlined. The clinical use of vitamin C in pneumonia has a very sound foundation."...

This is not the only thing that Vitamin C is good for, it has the potential to revolutionize medicine! Any doctor worth his/her salt ought to study and use vitamin C to it's full potential in their practice.

For more information see: html

D) "Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins: Curing the Incurable"
Thomas E. Levy, M.D., J.D.

There other cost effective, if not down right cheap, non drug modalities therapies that I have not even bothered to elaborate (see examples below) as it would be a total was of breath given that:

Mainstream medicine (CMA/AMA) and their ancillaries such as the self-serving societies (Aids, Cancer etc.) and Health Canada/FDA with all their resources seem to be having trouble in coming to grips with even the most basic provable, repeatable facts that even lay people are able to check themselves. It's amazing, in a lot of cases the work is already done and it would cost almost nothing to do clinical tests etc. But still you won't get a penny for research in these areas! But millions are available to the drug charlatans!

Just look at the copious references included with above citations in comparison to new, even some old, drugs/pesticides modalities which have scanty, and many instances inconclusive, data.

Their agenda, literally outlined by pharmaceutical companies and associated lobbies, is patently clear. They are scared to death of alternatives as these could put an end to the gravy train. The US pharmaceuticals typically spends over $250 billion each year in lobby groups in the US alone. Just imagine the profits they make when one considers this expenditure as just one aspect of their marketing scheme!

Medicine is BIG business.

"They are not a part of the "front" in the fight against decease. Let me ask you this: May I please have part of your income to study ways to put you out of business? Do you see the absurdity?" Then when you consider that there are more people making a living OFF of cancer, AIDS etc. than there are those who have it.

All the pretense on escalating medical costs is just that: pretense. Costs could actually be going down along with drug related injuries but the opposite is true. I am sick and tired of educating and doing medical research on your behalf for free. If I, as an engineer, can figure these things out why can't you as trained doctors? As supposed 'experts' in your field I challenge you to do the job you are paid to do instead of playing politicians!

SARS is both preventable and treatable with vitamin C (and aminoacid l-lysine) in high doses. The Rath Foundation has collected and made available the most important scientific studies which indicate the action of "simple" nutrients is in viral diseases...

All viruses are susceptible to natural ingredients, particularly vitamin C and lysine. Vitamin C inhibits the replication of the virus and lysine is essential for blocking the spread of the virus through the connective tissue.

All viruses are susceptible to this prevention and treatment programme and there are currently no studies showing that any virus will not respond to this regime. The only scientifically-based health recommendation currently available to contain the SARS epidemic is high dose vitamin C and lysine therapy.

contributed by
Chris Gupta

An individual who wants to be self sufficient in all aspects of life and help/educate others become self sufficient also.
"A person is only as valuable as they are of help to others."

I really appreciate efforts by all who are able to take themselves away from commercial only aspects of life. Hence my interest in alternate medicine and energy.

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