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Saturday, April 19, 2003

Breakthrough DJ Mixing Toolkit Does The Job Right

Breakthrough Digital DJ Mixing Toolkit Does The Job Right
While Providing New eMarketing Opportunity For Independent Artists and Labels

= breakthrough tool
Software Tool (Win)
Online Free Limited Version (Full 29.99)

This is the best amateur DJ toolkit that I have ever played with.
As a former DJ myself, I can assure that if you are into mixing, adding percussions, scratching and adding fx to your music samples, this is a fantastic little tool with which you can have all of your pals dancing for the night.

Not only this tool is well designed, effective and very simple to use, but it makes a breakthrough in how effectively music can be alternatively distributed by utilizing marketing techniques that allow a win-win situation for all.

In a move that resembles some of the good ideas that I had presented in my special feature "Bat N'Avò Goes To Hollywood", Simple Star has devised a music toolkit that allows little known bands and artists big time exposure, while providing final users with a full creative space to rearrange, modify and improve on the original 30" music sample that each participant band has provided.

The tool is called EZ DJ and it provides a full digital DJ console with two classical turntables, a mixer, scratching, digital effects, and voice samples that provide you with infinite possibilities for mixing and rearranging the basic eigth sample tracks provided in each "themed" mix set.



Your re-mix can be fully recorded, emailed, and played back at anytime you wish. Your friends can further re-edit and re-arrange the clip to their liking.

You can try out for free this great music making tool at Shockwave where it has just debuted a few hours ago.

Alternatively you can download a free trial to your desktop right here.

You can order a full version online at a very reasonable USD $ 29.99.

Breakthrough concept, creative music marketing opportunity for small labels. A great tool, providing lots of value to all parties involved. The way to go!

Readers' Comments    
2004-01-02 13:28:06


Yo man,
U r the most coolest man on earth in DJ matters.
If u remove Dj softwares same way pleaz inform me... Stay in top

2003-04-24 00:22:45


Hey Robin,
it's really an incredibly funny tool.

Thanks for having discovered it.


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