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Tuesday, April 15, 2003


Dr Leo Rebello from India brings forward an alternative and independent point of view of SARS. Read what he wrote today:
How can SARS be called an epidemic, if it causes less than 5 deaths per day?

What about 250,000 deaths that occur daily due to other diseases and causes?
And what about war casualties direct and indirect?
So, like Anthrax virus hoax which did the round soon after 9/11, this one seems
to be deliberately orchestrated to destabilise the economies of China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and to cover the thousands of casualties and disabilities that will take place due to respiratory illness pursuant to indiscriminate bombing of Iraq.
As to SARS, it can easily be cured by Vitamin C in fresh fruits, by homoepathy,
biochemic and herbal medicines and by proper hygiene. So, relax and enjoy your life.



Do NOT cough or sneeze indiscriminately (pun intended) creating panic among people which only benefits Pharma mafia.
Dr. Leo Rebello
Co-President, World Constitution and Parliament Association

For an alternative view on SARS see also this breaking article by Jeff Rense:
Total Inactivation Of SARS Virus Achieved In 14 Seconds

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