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Wednesday, April 9, 2003

Alternatives to Microsoft Windows

Anthony Hicks provides a valuable personal review and analysis of the major commercial operating systems out there, to evaluate plus and minuses of each as its ideal dekstop companion.

OSes reviewed are:
Microsoft Windows
Mac OS X

Further Mr Hicks reviews some of the most popular Linux distributions (Yoper, RedHat, Mandrake, Ark, Vector, Gentoo) to identify which one offer the best set of features and facilities.

Mr. Hicks himself states:
"This (quite long) article has been written by me for two primary reasons: One, to hopefully save someone else the time and hassle associated with trying out various Linux distributions, and two, to promote some discussion and feedback regarding what a modern Linux distribution should be, and of course to contrast this with what is currently available."

Mr Hicks mini-guide is indeed of value and can provide a useful overview of the differences between the major OS one may choose to elect as possible alternatives to the allmighty Microsoft Windows.

Recommended Reading.



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