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Sunday, April 6, 2003

How to Record, Save And Restore Your Windows Desktop Icons Layout

It's Sunday, and you will pardon me if I dwell on the apparently superficial and light stuff, but I have been looking for a tool like this for a very, very long time.

As a heavy user of PC technology I continually need to test new software and applications. If there is one thing I hate is to loose my neat arrangement of icons on the desktop everytime I need to change the resolution of my screen for one reason or another. While this is not a problem on my Macs it is indeed a fastidious issue on every PC around this globe.

For me, order and organization are essential to being productive and to practice in my daily activities what I study and share professionally about information and interface design.

Accessing rapidly icons on my desktop is one important and necessary activity for a person working so much at the computer as I do.

If you like me like to keep an organized Windows desktop at all times, this utility "records" the position of all of your desktop icons and can restore your desktop layout with one simple click.

Completely free.



Restore Desktop
Download one copy at: (78 KB)

Together with Desksweeper and Milori's Iconhider ability to hide desktop icons this is a killer duo I couldn't do without.

Desksweeper - to hide desktop icons
Hide All of Your Desktop Icons in One Sweep

Milori's Iconhider - to hide desktop icons

Both free and recommended.

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