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Thursday, April 3, 2003

How To Sell Your Music Or Data CD-ROM Online

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FREE is a company that has been known for first allowing many individuals and small companies to create merchandising products to sell on their Web sites. provides the blank merchandise which can be stamped on demand with your logo, banner or tagline. CafePress prints your emblem on T shirts, mouse pads, mugs, hats and more.

Now CafePress has come up with a new and very interesting idea.

Are you a in a band and want to sell your music?

Maybe you work at a small software company and are looking for a way to sell your product?

Now you can sell audio and data on through their new online service allowing individuals to burn and resell their own data or music CD-ROMs.

You can sell CDs that are manufactured on-demand for free.
CafePress provides all of the infrastructure to allow you to master and resell this CDs online. The CDs show up in your store just like any other product.

CafePress offers full-color direct printing on all CDs and you can also choose from simple paper sleeves to retail ready jewel cases with full-color inserts and tray cards.

To roll the ball you need to specify your track listing and mail CafePress a master CD with your content. Once CafePress receives your content, they will create a master CD-ROM and a set of sample audio streams so your customers can listen before they buy.

Individuals are also in control of the CD title, descriptions and final pricing allowing you to make a profit on each sale. CafePress has its own retail prices on top of which final users can add their profit surcharge.



CafePress Audio base prices are start at:
USD $ 4.99/ea. for 20 to 99 music CDs.

Check out the CafePress Audio FAQ for more info:

Data CDs allow you to add sell software, photos, clipart, documents, books, etc.

For more information on CafePress Audio, visit:

For more information on CafePress Data, visit:

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