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Wednesday, April 2, 2003

Alternative and Independent New Sources About The Iraqi War

A mini-guide containing links to over 200 alternative and independent news online resources reporting about the Iraqi war will be available to my MasterMind Explorer subscribers.

I have finished writing the content one hour ago and I am about to release the final copy.

This new issue of MasterMind Explorer, which is over 50 pages long, contains great and unique resources to access information and news relating to the Iraqi war.

Among them are listed:
* online independent journal
* alternative news and reports
* news coming from the Arab region (in english)
* video feeds
* webcams
* military radio frequencies
* real-time news blogs.



For an immediate reference to alternative news sources please see my free mini-guide "70 Free, Alternative and Independent Online News Sources".

New MasterMind Explorer subscribers get also exclusive access to four free online services now available to them. These include Antivirus Scan , Internet Speed Test, Spyware Check and a Live Collaboration Room with Live Voice capabilities.

To subscribe just place your name and email address on the right column of this page.

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