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Tuesday, April 1, 2003

New Breed Of Collaboration Tools Provides Cost-Effective Alternative To WebEx

WebEx Bundles Its Applications for Enterprise Edition a whole new set of highly cost-effective conferencing tools for the individual has become available.

The latest WebEx addition is the "WebEx Enterprise Edition, and it's not so much a new service as a new way of organizing existing services. Enterprise Edition groups WebEx's four services -- Meeting Center, Support Center, OnStage, and Training Center -- into one unified tool, which is easier to implement and manage."

In an article appearing on the IntranetJournal Mr Dreier states:
"WebEx Enterprise Edition users buy a chunk of time each month, rather than buying user licenses. Prices start at $10,000 per month for 425 meeting hours of usage. Clearly, WebEx Enterprise Edition is meant for sizable corporations. Still, if that sounds like a lot, think what you pay for just one business trip (which probably entails two meeting hours). The savings could add up quickly. "

As a matter of fact WebEx sports some of the very best features and facilities you can find in a Web conferencing system today. The interface is slick and easy to use, and the event management capabilities are nothing short of impressive.

But let me point out that you do not need to have WebEx to meet and collaborate online with colleagues and team-mates anymore. A new breed of SOHO conferencing tools has arrived in the market, reserved to individuals, professionals and small companies.

These Web conferencing jewels provide subsets of what WebEx offers at a fraction of the price. Not only. Some of these new tools do things that WebEx cannot match. And hard to believe they are the most technologically advanced and sophisticated features you may ever want:

*Collaboration Tools

Among these new real-time conferencing tools stand products like Groove and Linktivity WebDemo, and services like VidiTel, VoiceCafe, Orbitalk and many others.



Prices range from $12.95/month to $1500 for a perpetual license.
Compare that with the $ 10,000/month for WebEx new suite of services.

To find out more about these new breed of Web conferencing tools, please see Robin Good Official Guide to Web Conferencing and Live Presentation Tools.

Here is what Cata, one of the Web conferencing companies reviewed in the Guide, had to say today after having bought the Robin Good's Guide:

"Thank you Robin!

We have added your report to our intranet site for employees to read it.
We are in the process of working with our marketing department to add
your information to our website.

You have provided us with a great tool. We really appreciate your
honesty and as well as your willingness to take a second look!

On behalf of Cata, thank you again!"

If you want to try-out for free anyone of these new conferencing tools please download the Free Access Kit and get over 174 days of free Web conferencing to test and verify which tool suits you best.

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