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Monday, March 31, 2003

View Small Things On Your Computer Screen Through A Virtual Magnification Glass

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Most probably you remember the advice to pay close attention to the fine print from your early childhood. It is an advice that proves to be very appropriate since hardly readable paragraphs often contain critical information. Now, what do you do if you have to read tiny text on your computer screen? You could download a small application called "Virtual Magnifying Glass" and view the text trough a virtual lens.

The Virtual Magnifying Glass appears as movable lens on your computer screen and works just like a real magnifying glass while offering more flexibility. Right-clicking on the lens opens up a menu which allows you to define the lens width and height and the enlargement factor you need. Once you have adjusted the lens size and power, you can use your mouse to move the Magnifying Glass across the text (or image, icon, etc.) you want to enlarge.

If you do not need the lens for the moment, just click on it to close it. A small icon of the Magnifying Glass will remain in your system tray, so that you can easily access it when you need it again.

This little tool is useful for anyone that wants to examine small details on the computer screen. This might be someone who is about to buy something and needs, in fact, to read the fine print. But it might also be a Web developer who wants to check if his digital images appear neat and clean on a Web page.

The Virtual Magnifying Glass can be particularly useful for elderly or visually-impaired people.



As you are allowed to distribute and modify this free open-source software you might want to consider offering the Virtual Magnifying Glass on your Web site to improve its accessibility.

Download Virtual Magnifying Glass at: (349 KB)

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