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Monday, March 31, 2003

Try Out MasterMind Explorer New Subscriber Services

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Online Services

A new set of free online services is available from today to all of you MasterMind Explorer subscribers.

The selected services I have made available have been selected on the basis of being unique, effective and very easy to use.

In the confirmation email that every new subscriber now receives there are directions to access these four free services: mastermindexplorer.htm

The four free services that can be accessed are:

1) Online Virus Scan
This service is powered by one of the leading anti-virus software companies: Spain's Panda Software. The anti-virus scan takes place while connected to the Internet. It provides the most up-to-date scanning facility available as it is upgraded with new virus signatures multiple times a day.

2) Internet Speed Test
This facility allows you to measure with good accuracy your download speed from the Internet and to easily compare it to other users in your same geographic area. Powered by this is an effective and well designed tool.



3) Spyware Check
Developed by Technoerotica for his readers this spyware facility scans in a fraction of a second your system to report spyware components that appear in your PC and specific instructions on how to remove them. As you land on Spyware check page scroll down past the "Pledge" and you will find your spyware report.

4) Live Collaboration Room


I invite to try out these services and tools and to let me know your degree of satisfaction in using them. As I am selecting a few more to add in this space your precious feedback is truly welcome.

Let me know what you think at:
Feedback_new_free_services #

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