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Monday, March 31, 2003

Publish Frequently Asked User Questions On Your Web Site

FAQEngine v3.80.3 faqengine/english/
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If many of your customers have the same or similar questions about your Web site or the products you offer on your site you might consider publishing them together with the relevant answers in a dedicated FAQ section on your site. A comprehensive and well structured FAQ section can significantly improve the overall quality of your customer support.

FAQEngine is a free tool that allows you to create, edit and manage a base of frequently asked questions. You can group questions and answers into categories and subcategories and offer a search function to make it as easy as possible for your users to access the information they are looking for. You might also provide your users with the option to rate FAQs or comment on them.

FAQEngine supports multiple languages and allows you to customize the user interface of your FAQ section on the Web.
Have a look at the following examples of FAQ sections powered by FAQEngine:

a) COMMbits FAQ list=progs&lang=en

b) SpamPal FAQ

c) iambiq FAQ ?list=all&prog=1

A screenshot of the main menu within the FAQEngine administrator/editor interface can provide you with an idea of additional options and functionalities at your disposal: faqengine/english/gfx/mainmenu.gif



You have to dedicate some time to the proper technical set-up of FAQEngine. A 73-pages manual with many screenshots is available to support you in this task.

FAQEngine is freeware and it requires a Web server supporting MySQL 3.22 and PHP 4.0.2.

Download FAQEngine at: faqengine/english/

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