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Monday, March 31, 2003

New Development And Distribution Platform

Macromedia Central
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Application Development And Distribution Platform

Macromedia has created a new development and distribution platform for personalized applications with a compelling business model to motivate developers to create effective, diversified and profitable applications through a win-win partnership model.

This platform is called Macromedia Central and its concept can be quite appealing.

Developers who create Macromedia Central applications will be able to leverage an entire ecosystem to easily sell their applications.

Central ships with try/buy functionality, as well as a transaction infrastructure to enable end users to easily purchase applications.

Developers will be able to hook into the product's software update feature to ensure their users always have the latest version of their software.

Central ships with an Application Finder to enable users to find details, cost, popularity rating, and other relevant information about specific applications.

Macromedia will also deliver applications that ship with the product.

Macromedia Central is part of the Macromedia Information Convenience family of products, which provides solutions that enable organizations and business professionals to create and share information quickly, easily, and effectively without deep technical training.

Pricing And Availability

Macromedia Central will be free and available for end users this summer (2003).

Some Central applications will be available for purchase.

Developers interested in creating Central applications in advance of the product's availability can apply at: for access to a Macromedia Central Software Development Kit.



The full press release is available at: pr/2003/central_announce.html

A Macromedia Central white paper is available at: central/whitepaper/central_wp.pdf

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