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Monday, March 31, 2003

Market Your Products And Services Online

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Erla is an online networker. She networks with other people and promotes and markets a number of quality products she has selected herself. Erla carries a selection of quality books on personal growth as well as software and CD-ROMs relating to personal development issues.

She is a typical online marketer that utilizes affiliate contracts to resell virtual products created by other authors.
While the products are noth hers she makes a good profit because she has selected few and very valid products which she backs up true her own trust and credibility.

Erla writes good content on her site that well complements the products she promotes and she is very active in the forum she has set up where she provides direct help and advice to her customers.

As you may have glanced from this brief profile Erla is a very ethical person and has not accidentally selected those products to make a living online. She is very concerned in providing quality service to her customers and in making sure that each one gets due attention and the best service possible.

I have interviewed Erla a few days ago, as soon as I received an email from her alerting me she had suddenly found a product that allowed her not only to sell more but also to market better while being more in touch with her customers.

As I am pretty curious and have to live off these technology-related scoops I prepared myself for taking good note of what Erla was going to tell me.

I sent her an e-mail message asking her which day would have been best for her to do this and she answered by sending me a URL and asking me kindly to click it immediately.

The next thing I know we were talking together like we were in the same room. Her voice was coming through my speakers crystal clear and loud. I could not believe my ears! I had never been able to hear anything like this before. (Yes I have spoken online with Yahoo Messenger and other chat tools and I have also had a few exposures to Mediaring, Dialpad and Net2phone, but this, believe me was a completely different experience).

Erla told me right then: "Gino, I am the happiest networker on earth! I can finally meet and talk directly to my friends with no barriers and limitations. Text chat was getting onto my nerves and I really wanted a tool that allows me to talk with many friends live without using the phone.

I also needed to show my prospective customers information about my products and this tool I found allows to Web tour together with them. I can take them to any Web site I want and show them things around.

People can still chat with me and can ask me personal questions without exposing themselves to others. I can in fact have a private chat session with each one of them separately and when they need me they can just "buzz" me and I am in the conferencing room for them in a second."

I felt like a stupid. Where had I been looking in my technology searches if I had missed some tool that offered all this?

I asked Erla in hope of regaining some justice: "How much did you pay for that?"

"It's $20 a month!" she said. I felt even worse now. God, my interviewee knew more and better about conferencing tools than I did. I decided to listen closely and to see the positive side of it. (I was getting a scoop that would have made many people happy. A new breed of tools was finally available to help not just the large companies but the individual entrepreneurs as well.)

I told Erla: "Erla, what do your customer think of this? Do they like it? Are you selling more?"

"Of course!" she said immediately "not only I sell more but I have a lot more repeat clients now that they can see how trustful I am and how effectively I can find a solution for them while we meet online. The conferencing room really recreates an intimacy that the Web and email could not bridge so well.

Last but not least, I love to interact with my clients, avoiding to write but dealing with problems and questions as they come. Best of all I can open up a Web page on my customer screen where he can just fill in two fields and put his credit card number at the end of the session. It's all so simple Robin, you should really get one for you too!"

Do you need the same things that Erla has just found?

You too, like Erla, can get today a lot more than you are ready to bargain for. A whole new breed of cost-effective live conferencing tools for individuals and small companies are available for immediate use.

You don't need WebEx, Centra or Placeware to do the things that Erla is now doing.

To find out everything about the best conferencing technologies that can transform and help you succeed in presenting, marketing and showcasing yourself and your quality products online please give a look to:

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