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Monday, March 31, 2003

Identify Your Ideal Online Collaboration Tool In Four Easy Steps

Are you looking for an online collaboration tool that allows you and he people on your team to meet and collaborate together online?

Do you need to communicate live while sharing documents and exchanging via voice and text?

A new breed pf so-called Web conferencing tools allows small groups/companies and individuals to access the power of real-time conferencing at unheard of costs.

Over 20 SOHO (small office - home office) have recently entered the market.

These SOHO Web conferencing tools offer effective tools and facilities that can compete, and in some cases, even surpass the services and tools provided by big-time market giants as Microsoft Placeware, WebEx, Centra, Raindance, Horizonlive and many others.

Here is a short advice on how to combine Robin Good's different Web Conferencing resources most efficiently in order to quickly identify the Web conferencing tool that best satisfies your own personal needs.

Here are four steps to identify your personal Web conferencing tool:

1) Download Robin Good's Collection of Free Web Conferencing Try-Outs: reports/webconferencing/trial.htm

The core of this Collection of Free Web Conferencing Try-Outs is built of screenshots that link to selected pages where you can immediately access free trial versions of the best Web conferencing tools. The Collection of Free Web Conferencing Try-Outs also provides information about trial duration, functionality and the cost of the final system.

2) In the Collection of Free Web Conferencing Try-Outs look at the trial functionalities and at the cost of the final system to get a first idea of which tool might most efficiently satisfy your personal online communication needs.

3) Immediately access the free trial versions of the tools that appear most promising to you and play with them by inviting one or more friends/colleagues to meet with you online. Find out which tools you would like to analyse in more detail.

4) Read Robin Good's reviews of the tools that you have short-listed and identify the right tool for you. You can buy packages of one, two, three or 18 reviews. These reviews provide you with valuable insider information, by saying the full truth about each tool pros and cons without holding any punches. This is the fruit of 6 months of extensive research and testing.



Read more about the SOHO Web Conferencing Guide at: reports/webconferencing/index.htm

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