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Monday, March 31, 2003

How To Get Free Expert Translation Help And Advice

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Online Resource and Community

KudoZ is an online community operating as a network for getting and giving translation help. When in need to find a rapid and reliable answer to your translation needs you may hard pressed to find a better resource than this one.

How does KudoZ work?

(1) Asker posts a term or phrase.
(2) members suggest translations.
(3) Asker awards points to most helpful answer.

KudoZ is the natural evolution of a service originally offered by on their site. See my review of that called Community of Practice for Translators and Interpreters.

Three years ago, announced KudoZ, the first terms help network for translators.

Today, KudoZ is the leading collaboration tool for translators -- over 400,000 translation questions have been asked, and over 10,000 professionals have posted more than 1,000,000 answers.

Now, announces an improvement to KudoZ: KudoZ.NET.
KudoZ.NET allows you to take advantage of the benefits of KudoZ, without the extra effort of web browsing.

KudoZ.NET is a viable and easy to use facility to ask and answer KudoZ questions, and it can also search Internet translation and search engines simultaneously, thus saving you a lot of time in your daily translation work.

Since version 1.2 KudoZ.NET includes toolbars for MS Word and Internet Explorer. KudoZ.NET can be quickly activated directly from within Word, which can save a lot of time.

KudoZ.NET is also ready for teams. You can post questions to your team members only and increase the productivity of your team work.



Before you start asking a KudoZ question, please note the following:

You need to download KudoZ to start interacting with this community.

Only ask a question after searching dictionaries and the glossaries.

Terms / phrases should be less than 10 words in length.

The system is free.

There are two separate KudoZ networks, one for beginners and one for professionals.

Download Kudoz at: kudoznet

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