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Monday, March 31, 2003

How Do You Track And Monitor Current Social Issues, Grassroots Threads, Memes And Popular Concerns?

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Outside CNN What Are Individuals Saying About World Issues?

Where do you find an effective alternative source for independent news and information?

How do you get a pulse of what the collective Internet brain is reflecting upon?

If the alternative and independent news sources from the article:
70 Free, Alternative and Independent Online News Sources
are not enough, I have a new valuable suggestion to give you:

Head off to: and get an immediate mainstream media independent pulse of the news right now.

DayPop scans and brings you back the most accessed and cited news items posted by independent journalists and reporters online.

The number of vertical lines under each news item indicates the number of other web sites who have cited or referred that news item.



Not only, but you can also access directly each and every individual citation by clicking on the link labelled "Citations" appearing after each news item.

I truly effective way to lift the veil of US mainstream news and hear the voice of true individuals. Though much US-skewed (due to the high popularity of US-originated news blogs), this is a truly effective way of reading and finding out what the official media will not say.

Highly recommended.

Learn how to be the first to find out what is really happening.

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posted by Robin Good on Monday, March 31 2003, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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