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Monday, March 31, 2003

Direct Video Feeds From The Iraqi War Zone Reuters Raw Video
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Online Resource

Reuters provides an extremely effective and well designed resource to access raw video footage mostly coming or relating to the Iraq war. With a 56Kbps or better connection (ISDN or better is really what you need to see this well) you can watch any raw video clip coming from the war zone.

Most video do not contain any commentary and are introduced only by a one paragraph description of the date/location and event shot.

Over 40 video clips are easily accessible at this online resource. Clips are updated all the time and it is possible to view events that have taken place in the last few hours.

Videos can be viewed in a window or in full screen. With an ADSL or better line the results are impressive.

Videos can be effectively and easily sent to any contact or friend directly from this viewing interface.

Video clips can be viewed at two different quality-rates so that most users will be able to find the one that is most appropriate to their online connection speed.

With a good and reliable connection (64 Kbps or better) this is definitely something to be seen.

Highly recommended.



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2005-01-18 18:05:49


heloo I am a student of computer science and engg. I need the video for study.

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