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Sunday, March 30, 2003

Madonna Sanctifies Ethical e-Marketing
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Marketing Approach

Madonna has started selling her new antiwar single "American Life" on her own Web site charging $ 1.49 for a high quality MP3 file with no strings attached. There are no restrictions or limitations in the license provided with Madonna's music and her matching a strong social issue can only be seen as a smart marketing move and as a particularly good example for others to follow.

The high-quality MP3 format (Madonna makes available both 128 and 192 kbps formats) means that the quality of the recording made available allows end users to burn it to a CD or transfer it to a portable device without the restrictions usually imposed on authorised major-label downloads.

"The release of a high-quality, unrestricted MP3 single online marks a significant turnaround for Madonna, and helps underline how far the big record labels have come in their steps toward online distribution."

What is most interesting is that a novel supporting marketing program called Madonna Project allows end users to actually resell Madonna's single on their sites!

The so-called Madonna Project programme has been drawn directly from's and other online marketing affiliate strategies.



Thousands of people have signed up in the first few days to be Madonna online resellers.

The single has also been simultaneously released on several of the online music subscription services, the first time Madonna's major-label work has appeared on any of the legal music services.

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Original story here.

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