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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Important News Resources

Reuters Raw Video Footage From Iraq

If you can sustain a good 56 Kbps line or better there is a good resource to look at to monitor Iraq-war related events through video feeds coming directly from the war zone.

The resource provides in an effectively designed interface sets of six video clips that can be accessed directly by clicking on them or can be viewed in sequence automatically. Several video clips containing original Iraqi material are also included and viewable in original language.

Clips are up-to-date and reflect the events having taken place during the last few hours.

Link to specific clips can also be directly emailed at the click of a button to contacts and friends

Highly recommended.



Please check Reuters Raw Video at

Google for News

For your news updates relating to the war, Google News remains the least biased of the Western world resources, though it taps and gives most relevance to Western mainstream news sources almost exclusively.

Nonetheless Google News remains a uniquely valuable reference resource for news and a much better alternative to CNN, BBC, and other major newspaper-based online sites.

Once you identify a major breaking story in Google News, I suggest you to follow the link following the initial blurb and saying "..and 1631 related stories" or something to that nature. Click that very link and get best news overview you can get on any topic, referenced by source and by how long before it has been published (5, 10, 30 minutes ago).


Try out Google News out:

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