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Thursday, March 13, 2003

"Experience sharing tools": Share your emotions live over the Internet with family and friends

I've just invented the term “experience sharing tools” because the tools that are usually referred to as “Web conferencing tools” allow you to share a lot more than meeting protocols and business presentations. Here are just a few examples of what you can do with these tools:

a) Show your friends the pictures from your trip to Brazil live over the Internet. Point with a virtual finger to your favourite spot on the beach and directly hear your friends' comments.

b) Talk every day with your cousin at the other end of the world over the Internet paying your regular Internet fee instead of a huge telephone bill.

c) Show your grandfather how he can edit a document in WORD by accessing his computer from 100 miles away and interacting with his WORD in front of his eyes.



All you need to do all this (and more) is an affordable tool. Robin Good has scanned the huge market of Web conferencing and live presentation tools and offers you a way to identify such a tool without having to spend much time and money.

Read our article about the four steps to identify your personal Web conferencing/ experience sharing tool, choose a tool and start immediately to share your…
- Experiences
- Expertise and
- Emotions!

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