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Sunday, March 2, 2003

Web Conferencing and Live Presentation Tools - Report Available!

The Robin Good's Official Guide to Web Conferencing and Live Presentation Tools is officially available since yesterday, March 1st Saturday.

The report is centered around cost-effective live conferencing tools for the individual, small companies, teams, non-profit groups and organizations.

Researched, written and prepared over the course of the last 6 months, this Robin Good report brings into focus a new emerging market niche, populated by professionals and small companies wanting to communicate, train and collaborate online without having to incur the expenses and headaches of enterprise Web conferencing systems like WebEx, Placeware or Centra.

* 15+3 Conferencing Tools reviewed
* Direct Access to 16 Free Try-Outs
* 14 Comprehensive Comparison Tables
* 2003 International Vendor Directory
* 500+ pages
* 650+ color screenshots
* 400+ links to Web pages
this report is set to provide clear and unambigous information on what really works and on what does not.
If you are interested in effectively communicating online by using voice over IP, Web touring facilities, whiteboards, chat, video, polling and application sharing tools, this Robin Good's report highlights the good and the bad of 15 very cost-effective tools that are the best candidates for conducting live online sessions at a cost-effective rate.

Early buyers of the report get also a special discounted rate (30% less the first week) and free delivery of the second edition when it will be out in June 2003.

Together with the report you receive:

a) Five licenses allowing you to freely and legally redistribute my report to selected partners and friends.

b) IKONOS' own developed PowerPoint XP Manual (as downloadable PDF) to support you in delivering your PowerPoint presentations most effectively over the Web, in the conference room and in the classroom.

c) One personal one-on-one online consulting session with Robin Good. Until March 31st 2003 Robin Good will be available to listen to your key requirements and needs while providing sound and vendor-independent advice.



Available to all, is also Robin Good's Access Kit to FREE Conferencing Try-Outs providing immediate access to over 174 days of free Web conferencing with the tools tested in this very report.

The FREE Access Kit can be downloaded immediately at: webconferencing/trial.htm

Robin Good's Official Guide to Web Conferencing and Live Presentations Tools can be purchased online at: webconferencing/index.htm

Price is USD $ 99
Special Offer until April the 15th: $ 57.95

Web Conferencing Guide

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