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Saturday, March 1, 2003

Spam Conundrum

Spam, Anti Spam Software and Anti Spam Techniques reference/spam.html
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Vicomsoft has just published an interesting and informative document designed to raise awareness about Spam and offer practical solutions to email users. This document may be found at: reference/spam.html

If you want to become a bit more erudite about one of the greatest information and communication problems today, spam, here is a valuable resource that does a good job of this, by being, simple, clear and by providing many useful online references.

If you would like to have an answer to any of the following questions this resource should be your next destination.

What is Spam?
When is Spam Spam?
Where does the term "Spam" come from?
Why do people send Spam?
How can I tell who the Spam is from?
How do "spammers" get my address?
If I "unsubscribe" won't the Spam stop?
Isn't Spam illegal?
How big of a problem is Spam?
What are DNS blacklists?
What is an open relay?
How can I prevent Spam?
How does an email Spam filter work?
I want to send spam free bulk email.
How can I be sure my recipients don't think I'm sending Spam?

The site does not try to sell you any spam related software.



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