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Saturday, March 1, 2003

Search Your Web Surfing History Stored On Your PC

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When I was about to finalize my Master thesis I had quite a hard time finding again all those valuable online articles I had bookmarked three months earlier. Not only that my bookmarks did not work anymore; I could not even detect those articles when I entered the terms I could recall from my original search requests into the search engines. There were other articles that I had actually stored on my computer. But the simple fact, that I knew they were THERE did not make the situation much better since I had to recall their exact title and had to search them manually in my folders, which took a lot of time, as well.

Now I found out, that there is a simple solution for all of those problems, which does not even cost anything: SurfSaver, a "portable" search engine.

SurfSaver is a browser add-on which lets you save complete Web pages to searchable folders on your hard drive while you are surfing the Web. You can choose between an advanced save procedure, which allows you to create folders, specify a page title and add comments and a quick save procedure which lets you quickly save pages in a preset folder.

You can search this permanent archive of stored Web pages even when you are offline. The search pane you have to utilize is located directly in your browser. SurfSaver provides you with effective simple and advanced search functionalities like full text, Boolean and date search.

There is also a professional version of SurfSaver available at USD $ $29.95 which offers some extra-features, like the ability to save multiple pages at once. Find out more about the Pro version at:

SurfSaver 2.3 is completely ads-free, easy-to-use and can be freely downloaded at:


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